Why I almost didn’t move to Costa Rica…

When I started this blog, I told myself I’d write about the good AND THE BAD.  Well, so far, I’ve only really written about the good. To be honest, it’s just been mainly GOOD for me so far, so it’s easy to write about all the cool stuff. But I feel after 7 blog posts, it’s time I try to write about some “not so pleasant” stuff.  I want to keep “true” to you guys, so here goes.

One of the things that really almost prevented me from wanting to move here in the first place is… BUGS.   I  know everyone knows someone who’s paranoid about some kind of bug. My own mother, for one, is VERY paranoid of spiders (right, Mom?). Growing up in Wisconsin, I never liked spiders either, but…  thought I handled them pretty well.  That, and the fact I had my Dad and 3 brothers who were always around to kill things. When I moved to Texas, my fear instantly changed from spiders to roaches. I seriously have some kind of WEIRD obsession/aversion to them (maybe because I never saw them growing up in Wisconsin). They invade my dreams, and I wake up unable to go back to sleep… There was one episode of “Raising Hope” that I loved, because the girlfriend was so paranoid of roaches that she slept with a cut out panty-hose nylon over her head so roaches wouldn’t crawl into ANY crevice of her body while she slept peacefully (I assume she wore underwear, too). Brilliant idea!!  Personally, I never sleep with my hair up in a ponytail, I have to have it down so it covers my ears (but now that I’m thinking about the panty-hose again, that sounds even better… although I’m not sure Greg would like that nightly, ah, “look”)….  Thank goodness Greg has understood this paranoia/obsession I have, and still loves me! – he is my #1 roach killer and wife protector!

So, 3 days after we arrived here in Costa Rica, I’m making coffee in the kitchen and Greg calmly walks out of the bedroom saying “Um, Jen, I don’t want you to freak out or anything, but um, I just got stung by a scorpion.”  WHAT?????  Turned out the scorpion – was STILL in the bedroom and ALIVE and KICKING.  I instantly ran to get the duct tape (note – not much regard for my hubby who just got STUNG, I was all about catching and killing that scorpion FIRST, I mean he had to be taken care of before he got away!).  A friend of mine had taught me this duct tape trick to catch and kill a scorpion (thank you, Rachelle!) which I of course, had shown to Greg and had him review and memorize each step before we left the States.  Turned out to be a dark colored “little guy” (by scorpion standards), about maybe 1.5 – 2″ long…   Greg promptly stuck him with the tape, folded the tape on top of him, and took him outside and hit with a shoe.  Case closed!   Now, the sting turned out to not be too bad either (per Greg) – he said a bee sting hurt worse. He had already done research and found that there are no poisonous scorpions in Costa Rica (see why I love him?), and after about an hour you couldn’t even see the sting!   So…. that was our first scorpion experience, and it had been in some shorts he had tossed on the floor for a few days.  So now, we’re VERY careful picking anything up from the floor (always checking it, etc.), but we haven’t seen any since….


Only other jen-freakout-type-bug we’ve seen in the apartments is a baby roach (ack! a roach!)… but really wasn’t that bad (just a tiny one), and only a couple of times, and my man did his job and killed those buggers pronto.  One other bug (which I did NOT freak out over) we saw one morning upon waking (well, I saw it, because paranoid-bug-person that I am, of course I’m always on the look-out) was a slug. Really no big deal, but it was kinda BIG –  I’d say 2″ long, but thick and furry, and I’d never really seen one before.  My man, again, swiftly took care of it (took it outside), and life rolled right along.


The only other kind of “bugs” around here are these 2 awesomely sweet furr-babies – Muhah and Zula, they are the sweetest!


While Muhah runs around the property freely, we were “warned” about Zula by the house owner (that she “might bite our arm off, so don’t pet her”), but after she kept thumping her tail at us (through her gate) and begging us to pet her with our eyes, we cautiously made friends with her (I let Greg touch her first)….   Come to find out she adores us (of course) and totally eats up our affection whenever we come over by her or call her name.  She’s just a big ole baby (reminds me of our 1st dog we hard, our sweet Kali-girl).

IMG_9825IMG_9829 IMG_9831

 So, that’s all for now, folks! I’m still alive and kicking, and check the sheets for bugs every night before going to bed.

☺ Peace! — JenJen

scorpion killer

PS – in case anyone wants to know, here is the super handy-dandy scorpion duct-tape killer trick from my pal Rachelle.  It’s great because as soon as you touch the scorpion with the duct tape, it sticks to it.  🙂

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8 Responses to Why I almost didn’t move to Costa Rica…

  1. We went to Nicaragua last weekend…and I had a vivid scorpion-dream one night. I picked the baby up the next morning, and there was a scorpion tail underneath her! –ugh!!!

    • Oh no Emily! I don’t want to hear this! We haven’t seen scorpion since that first week, but we are so carful now to always look for them…

  2. After 6 years here in CR, you will find many things that trouble you every day. Some are mild annoyances, while others have the power to drive you mad if you let them. After 6 months, the vacation vibe wears off, and this place becomes home, complete with all the amazing benefits, quirks and foibles. While some come to Costa Rica to “get away” from life elsewhere, we can to Costa Rica because we felt we could find a greater happiness here for ourselves and our children. Through it all, we remain enchanted with our little piece of paradise, bugs and all.

    • Thanks Patrick! I love hearing your thoughts… Trust me, we are definitely liking it here so far… but I must admit and be truthful about my bug paranoia… and that really was a difficult step for me to “get over” in considering moving to CR in the first place. For some people I know that sounds totally pathetic and unrealistic (I mean, I know Terri is a total stud and kills humungous spiders all by herself!!!), but for me, the bug thing was really hard. THAT being said – I think I’m doing amazingly well so far – after already encountering a scorpion and a few (small) roaches. 🙂

      We have to get together soon!!!!! 🙂

  3. I think scorpions must freak everyone out here when they get here. I really hadn’t even considered their existence until I saw them in CR. Friends in West Texas had a good chuckle over my surprise. Now, I shake out my shoes before putting them on without even thinking about it. And I NEVER leaves clothes or laundry on the floor. Minor life adjustment. 🙂

    • Scott – I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 Yep – minor adjustment, NEVER leave clothes or laundry or towels on the floor, and now I’m ALWAYS checking shoes, or anything I pick up from floor… 😐

  4. I don’t know how long you lived in Dallas, but I can hear the Southern accent while I read your post lol. “my man did his job and killed those buggers pronto” or doing anything with duct tape. So refreshing and reminds me of home 🙂 (I grew up in South Carolina). I wonder though – do you really have a Southern accent??

    • Hello Erin! No, I really do NOT have a southern accent (I’ve been told!). I originated from Wisconsin, so am truly a Cheese-head girl at heart. 🙂 But, also lived in Dallas for 18+ years… so I’m sure some things have rubbed off on me (“y’all, fixin”, etc.). Thanks for checking out my blog!

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