What do you DO all day??

What in the world do you DO all day?  I get this question a lot…

Well, each day is different, but will tell you what I did the other day.

Got up about 5:30, made a pot of coffee, did some “computer/electronic business” (facebook, emails, instagram, words with friends…  I know, but there’s some things I just can’t give up!…), then went outside and enjoyed a beautiful morning overlooking our pool with the central valley behind it.  Had coffee with our friends who we are living here, always good conversation – and the mornings are always SO nice and sunny  (even now, in the “green season” – which is a nice way to say “rainy season”).



About 8:30 the hubby and I went on a 4+ mile hike (half uphill, I need to add, because it’s really hard and your sympathy would be appreciated) – we have a nice figure “8” loop we do.  The first part lets us enjoy amazing views of coffee fields and the valley, and the 2nd part is a partly dirt and party semi-paved-but-heavily-pot-holed country road with people’s houses and a few businesses scattered throughout. It’s a hard but good workout, I cannot convey to you the steepness of these “hills” – more like mountains!, especially on the last leg coming up the Main Cajon road.  Greg & I always have good conversations while we’re hiking, mainly to distract us from the heavy breathing.


10:15 – cooled down, and then went for a dip in the pool, which felt great after the hike!  Showered and relaxed for a bit.IMG_0514

11:30 – went to catch the bus to head into town.  Tried to find a new restaurant we’d heard about, but couldn’t find it (or it was closed), so ate at a different place, had a nice “typical” Costa Rican lunch and in an open air restaurant that looked out on the street.   Note:  a “typical” meal here is usually rice, beans, your choice of meat (I always have pechuga de pollo – chicken breast), avocado, potatoes, and sometimes includes eggs,  salad, and  a small portion of fried plantain.  Each soda (a small café) is different.  This place was very relaxing.  Then went to small grocery store nearby to pick up a few things, then bakery to get a loaf of bread, and then got on bus to go back home.


Typical dish here – the casado (this is the small size!)


Another typical dish here, arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), or any meat of your choice – this is my “go to dish” here when I am in doubt (or can’t figure any other spanish out!)… ALWAYS GOOD!

4:00 – got home, relaxed for a while (computer, read, had a glass of wine).

5:00 – cooked a light dinner (chicken breast, Spanish rice, pineapple for dessert), watched a bit of CNN (trying to keep up with news, but not winning, we hardly ever turn the TV on…).

IMG_07297:30 – sunset is at 5:30 each night, so it is now completely dark and Greg is happily washing the dishes (no dish washer here!) and then we’ll just hang out (computers, reading, etc.).  Greg will try calling his Mom in a bit, and I have some texting and emails to get caught up on.  We might watch a movie (we brought a bunch of DVD’s).  Bedtime is usually 9ish (or earlier, as we both like to read in bed for a while before we get sleepy.  Greg gets sleepy in 1 minute, me – about 30 minutes).

A few other things I do in a given week, besides a daily hikes with Greg…   Monday and Friday mornings I have a yoga class (don’t always go to, but nice to have the option).  We go into town usually on Monday or Tuesday to the grocery store.  We go the farmer’s market on Friday or Saturday.  Another day of the week we go into town for a light lunch at a soda somewhere, and walk around in the park.  It’s not a “quick jaunt” to go into town, as we don’t have a car….  So have to walk up our dirt road (heavily pot-holed) to the main road where we catch the bus (usually we get there early, and start walking down the hill to the next bus stop or 2).  The bus is awesome transportation here – it’s clean, we know the bus drivers by sight (mainly 2 guys, they are both very nice), and the local people on the bus are always nice and courteous…  It takes about a ½ hour or so to get to town on the bus, with all the stops and all, but it’s actually very relaxing.  When we go to the grocery store or farmer’s market – we have reusable bags we use to carry back with us.  The bus runs every hour here, and it’s usually pretty close to “on time”.   I also spend time on writing – for my blog, or maybe a book someday…  it’s so nice to sit outside here and just put your thoughts into words as the bird fly and chirp all around you.   I also cook more here, and spend time preparing food (we can’t just hop in the car and go out every night anymore!).  I hope to try pizza soon with a homemade crust (from my friend Emily, who is inspiring me to make my “own” stuff – pizza crust, bread, yogurt, tomato sauce…  she’s amazing), and why not?  I have time!

So – there you have it – a day in the life of the Costa Rica Chica.    It was a lovely day, by the way.  🙂

Till next time folks!  Peace! — JenJen

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  1. I’m actually very inspired by THIS statement – ” Greg & I always have good conversations while we’re hiking, mainly to distract us from the heavy breathing” since there is no way that I could actually talk and walk up those hills at the same time! Our days, even though we live at the beach, are similar. Isn’t life grand?

  2. Hi Jen, much similarity in our days also, minus the 4 mile walk. We live on the Caribbean side, up a mountain, so the hills here are a bear to hike, plus I have arthritis so the joints complain alot!
    We have been here since May 2012, had our home built, and are settling in well. No TV here, as the cable stops at the Highway and has not come up the mountain yet. ICE says they will run it with 12 family sign ups. Good things will come to those who are patient!!

    • Marlene & Caryn – good to hear from someone on Caribbean side! We hope to visit there one day and check it out. When we move to our new place in October, we will not have a TV at all (our choice), we just don’t seem to need to watch it here… so much else to do!

  3. Thanks for the compliment–I only have other ladies living here to thank for my new abilities. You will be sharing these recipes soon enough!

    I’ll try Arroz con Pollo next time. I’m always going Arroz Cantones, but it’s often disappointing. Thanks! (And we’re tackling that hike!).

  4. I can certainly relate to your account of “what do you do all day?” My husband and I have the best ideas when we are hiking. We will be visiting Grecia during the first week of February, as part of our research before the move to CR. Perhaps we will have a chance to meet with you and your husband then. Thanks for sharing your experiences – honest and inspiring! Keep it up.

    • Thanks Annie! We really do get some good ideas when we’re hiking, especially my husband (who’d a dreamer, and his mind is always going)! We would love to meet you in February! Keep us posted on your visit here. Thanks for reading me. 🙂

    • Good Morning Annie Lee, when you come to Costa Rica, don’t forget to explore the area on the East side of the Baurillo Carillo National Park highway, about 90 km from San Jose, is a less hurried more rural area. We live here and when we go into San Jose for a monthly shopping trip to the big box stores, we can’t wait to get back to our quieter environment. The Jungle and mountains are my back yard and we are lucky to see both white faced Monkeys and Congo monkeys (howlers) We are in a development called Grand View estates, and you can look it up on the web site: gvecr.com Would love to meet you if you have time to come this way. We are 1.5 km off the main highway 32, in a little town called Cimarrones. Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

  5. Hi Jen, I just stumbled upon your blog and love it.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of leaving the rat race as well (I’m mid 40’s too), which is why I’m so happy to discover that my dream to retire VERY EARLY is not unattainable.
    I would love to pick your brain of all the details of your transition but I’ll start with one simple question. You mentioned yoga class… Do they have “classes” down there? Or are you referring to a DVD you follow? One of the luxuries I’m afraid I’ll miss is my fitness center and the instructor lead classes… yoga, spin, aerobics, etc.

    • Hello fellow mid-40’s girl! I’m glad you found me. Here where I live, in Grecia – YES – there are real live yoga classes. The one I go to is up the hills from Grecia, I live on a “ridge” called “El Cajon”, and it just so happens that a woman who lives up the street from me, teaches yoga and is a Masseuse. She’s awesome, is a Costa Rican who speaks really good English (class is in English), and there’s from 5-12 people in the class. It’s gorgeous – as she has it outside on her front patio which overlooks the central valley and there’s always a cool breeze. There’s also a gym in Grecia that I know you can join. OR, as my hubby says – you can just hike the hills (he goes from 4-6 miles a day, and those hills will whip you in shape, trust me!). I’ll send you a picture from our yoga session last time so you can see her porch. 🙂

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