We made it! We are HERE in Costa Rica!!

Well, here I am… doing this big, huge, weird, CRAZY thing…  we have sold all our worldly possessions and have up and moved from Dallas, TX, USA, to Costa Rica!!  This is TOTALLY crazy…  and while everyone keeps telling me how courageous I am and how much they admire me, my inside voice is screaming “OMG – what am I doing??”  I have left everything I know and am familiar with (including a nice, stable income).

Anyway – more details on how we came to this decision later.  For now – it’s done – we are HERE.  Yes, in COSTA RICA!   So….  here I am, a “Costa Rica Chica”, and this adventure thing begins…  I do not promise to always be positive.  I do not promise to always be exciting.  What I DO promise…  is to give you the truth, and what happens to me day-to-day.  It may be boring to some of you, but I’m not writing this for you, I’m writing it for me.  Someone has to record this crazy adventure – right?

Here’s just a few pic’s to get y’all started!

This is before we left from Greg’s folks house in Farmers Branch.  Us plus our whole life packed into 9 (yes nine!!) suitcases.   We feel amazingly free of our worldly possessions – I must say people, it’s a GOOD FEELING!


Our view from the house we’re staying at in El Cajon (central valley region) – a small area up in the hills from Grecia.



Greg and a woman named Mary, who is renting an apartment in the house we’re in.  Everyone is so nice here!!  We’ve also met a couple from Texas and a couple from Minnesota.



That’s all for now folks!

Peace!  JenJen

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