Trip to the Farmacia

Well, today was too funny to NOT blog about.  We got a ride into town today with Richard (our fabulous landlord), and we had 3 destinations in mind:  get local cell phone sim cards (for our iPhones), get a loaf of good Italian bread at a local panaderia (bakery), and go to a Farmacia (pharmacy) to see if they had any advice for my bug/spider bite.  First stop:  Farmacia.



So, Greg & I walk into the entrance, it’s kinda like a mini indoor open mall, and I’m looking up at all the signs to try to locate the Farmacia.  Next thing I know I’m sprawled out on the ground, one knee (NOT the spider bite knee!) totally embedded in gravel rock.   Apparently, there was a trough type area in the middle of the walk way, about a foot wide, and maybe 2 inches below the rest of the walkway surface.    Those of you who know me well know what a total klutz I am anyway….  and of course I didn’t see this gravel inset, as I was looking up!  It hurt.  Bad.  If Greg & I were totally alone, I probably would have cried (yes, I’m a baby with pain).  But there was another Tica (Tica is a Costa Rican woman) walking behind us, who looked very concerned for me…   I tried to laugh it off and smiled at her.  Anyway – I put my brave face on, and Greg & I walk into the Farmacia and talked to a pharmacist (who knew a little English) about my spider bite.  She looked at it very closely, and we talked, and then she went and got some topical cream for me ($16).  All the time we were there, the Tica (who had walked in with us, and motioned for us to go ahead of her, so nice) and some other pharmacy workers were pointing at my scraped knee and talking (in Spanish) and looking very worried.  When I looked down, it was a large bloody mess.  Next thing I knew, they pulled me into a side room and had me sit down.  There was much talk as 2 of the pharmacists thoroughly cleaned my wound, sprayed it with something that was white (my brain said “solorcaine”, but I’m sure it wasn’t), then put some ointment cream on it, gauze and taped it all up.  Another pharmacist employee came up and joked to Greg in Spanish “ha ha, BOTH knees”!  They took their time with me like I was a very important patient.  And this was at a pharmacy, and I didn’t even ASK for help with my scraped up knee, and of course they would not accept any money for their help!…  This is just one of many examples I’ve seen so far where the Costa Rican people are just so NICE.  I mean we could only communicate with a few words here and there (English and Spanish) and hand motions, but it didn’t seem to matter.  We all knew what was going on.  I walked away feeling cared for and loved.  Seems odd, but that’s really how I felt!

Here’s a pic of my lovely knees, one scraped up and bandaged, and the other with my spider bite.


After all this medical drama, Richard has done his business, and had made phone contact with some representatives of the cell phone company “movistar” – which we heard was the best sim card to get for our area up in the hills (it’s a prepaid card that gives you a certain amount of minutes, basically pay as you go).   We all got in the car and drove down the street, and there they were – right on the side of the road (this is service, folks!).    We pulled over, and they activated 2 sim cards for us, we paid them 3,000 colones ($6.00), and away we went.


Roadside cell phone service…

Too bad once we got home and tried to insert the sim cards, they were too big.  Upon further research (online, done by Greggorio), it appears for the iPhone 4S, you have to CUT the sim cards down to size.  And of course to do this, you need a sim card cutter ???  Oh well, this is how it is here….  Everything takes a while…  it’s ok.  It’s called “tico time”.  Gives Greg something to work on (you know, he was getting bored and all without a job to work on 24/7…  LOL – joke).

Ah, and then finally on the way back home we stopped at a cute tiny little Panaderia and got a loaf of Italian bread.  Baked fresh today.  YUM.  Can’t wait!  We are allowing ourselves little treats like this (bread), because our diet as a whole is so incredibly different and healthy.

Cheers!  That’s all for now folks!

Peace, JenJen

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  1. Omg!!! I’m so sorry that happened Jen! But on the other hand’ how good to know if something like this happens we can get excellent medical treatment laced with lots of TLC!

    That spider bite looks nasty!! Do you know what kind of spider ? Praying a speedy recovery from all these things. Blessings – Jeanie

  2. Please have your spider bite checked out by a doctor if it is not getting better. I am a nurse & to me it looks like you may need antibiotics! As for being a clutz, I am right there with you! My ex-husband used to call me the”Prima Clutzerina” !

    • Thank you Mary Beth, I will certainly if it does not get better. It’s looking better today, I think, with one day of the cream they gave me. Love a fellow klutz and especially the name “prima clutzerina”. 🙂

  3. Hola Chica!

    I am so glad the ticos are taking good care of you, but, Chica, you need to becareful (ten cuidado). It is a shame that one has to leave the country in order to encounter the love and common courtesy. Send some over here, will you?

    I really hope that you are ok. Please have the spider bite checked out if it does not get better.

    Miss u!


    • Hola mi amiga Mighty!! I know, I know, it is a shame… the tico’s truly seem to be better people in general… we are all just to “busy” with ourselves in America.

      Spider bite better today (it opened and some stuff oozed out, so that’s all good, although GROSS I know!!)… also had soaked warm tea bags on it last night (heard that was supposed to help draw toxins out). So we’ll see.

      MISS YOU TONS! xo

    • It truly is great, Emily! And we’ve only really been here 2 full weeks – that’s not that long at all, to already be experiencing it!…

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