The story of 19-year-old us

Today is our 19th (NINETEENTH!!) wedding anniversary.  We’ve been married for 19 full years.  Amazing.  Sounds like a long time, huh?  Here’s what 19 years of us looks like:


The story of us?  Well, obviously, you all know that Greg and I got married….  But what you may not know, is that we almost didn’t happen at all.

21 years ago I moved from the great-up-north-beautiful-chilly-city of Minneapolis to the hot (one word sums it up) Dallas to be with my new fiancé.  I got my own apartment, found a great job within the first week, and was ready to start my life in a new city with my fiancé-soon-to-be-husband.

My fiancé’s name was not Greg.

One night, Richard and Shirley Seymour invited my fiancé and I over for dinner (you see, I had known Richard first, before I ever knew Greg), and this was the night I met my future husband.

The clouds did not open up. The angels did not sing. No light bulbs went off. I did not have an “ah-hah!” moment. But this night was the night I met Greg for the first time.

Do you think he said one word to me all night? Nope. “Silent Greg” had just moved home from Houston, where his girlfriend had broken up with him, and broken his heart. Greg didn’t even try to put on a show for us. He was transparent in his grief, sitting at the dinner table, starring at his plate and not saying much of anything, until he excused himself.

Fast forward a couple of months – I had broken it off with my fiancé (suffice it to say, he was not the guy for me), and one Sunday after church, some tall dude came up to me and said, “Hey, I think we might both work in the same building downtown.”

It was “Silent Greg”!

We discovered that we did work in the same building, and just three floors apart. We chatted for a while (he actually could talk!), and ended with us agreeing that we should do lunch sometime.

We started having lunch together every now and then (I mean, it was super convenient and all), and we slowly became friends.  I was dating other guys, nothing serious, but was a little leery of this shy, quiet, broken hearted boy.

Well, he turned out to be a great guy.  And a great friend.  Although not that great of a friend.  One day at lunch, I decided to test our friendship and talked to him about a guy I was dating, and well… wrong decision. “Silent Greg” was back. He became very quiet, averted his gaze, and changed the subject.

A few months later, I got a better indication of where Greg and I stood. I was currently boyfriend-less (smart move, babe), and one day at lunch Greg asked me if I wanted to see a movie. He did it in a way that was perfectly friendly, but also, this was a movie, so of course I knew this had date potential. In any case, still not knowing how I really felt about him, I agreed to go.  What did I have to lose?

Well, the time for the date arrived, and “Silent Greg” turned into “No-Show Greg”.

That’s right folks, HE STOOD ME UP!!!



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23 Responses to The story of 19-year-old us

  1. Talk about a cliffhanger!!! I’m ready for the rest, but I haven’t seen you post it yet. I feel like I just read a Dean Koontz book, and have to wait three years for the next one in the series! lol j/k. I can’t wait to read the rest!

  2. Hi Jen, I have been an avid reader of your blog and I wanted to say congratulation on 19 years. My husband and I just celebrated 19 years as well last October and we are making the move to Costa Rica in June. I admire the courage it took for you and Greg to pick up and move. If we are half as happy as you guys are then I think we will be doing okay. Thanks for the great posts. Pura Vida.

    • Christine – thank you so much, I can’t tell you how nice it is hear your comment!! So sweet. And congrat’s to you & your hubby as well. Which part of CR are you moving to in June??

      • We are moving to Domincal/Uvita area and are very excited and nervous all at the same time. We are doing a six month trial run as we are not brave enough to jump in with both feet. Thanks for all the useful information you and Greg have provided thus far.

        • Christine – I wish you guys the best of luck! I hear the Domincal/Uvita area is absolutely gorgeous. Let me know if we can help in anyway. Thanks for reading, and your kind comments!

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