Round and round the soccer field we go…

Do you ever feel like your running around in circles?

Well I was this morning.  By choice.  Around a soccer field.

I haven’t ran in a long time.  AGES, in fact.  But this morning I decided I was going to run with my hubby!  Surely not as far as he was going (he’s training for a half marathon in December), but I wanted to see what I could do.   I hike with him sometimes, and I also do my “100 things” every week day (pushups, squats, lunges, dips); so I knew I wasn’t in that bad of shape.  I also have these super cool running shoes, which I love and haven’t worn in a while:

photo 1

So, we walked the ¾ mile down hill to a soccer field that is behind a little pulperia (a small convenience store).  Why?  Because it’s the ONLY flat place to run around here.  I was not attempting my first run going uphill (or downhill for that matter!).

photo 3 copy 2

It was a gorgeous morning!  Well it was also early (6 am to be exact) – so it was cool out, the sun was just rising, and it was very quiet (no motorcycles revving or dogs barking)…  Look at this beautiful soccer field:

photo 4

 So we started running (slowly – for my benefit)…  and it was a really nice run!  We saw a MotMot at one point – beautiful, gorgeous bird with a long tail, and also parrots flying by and squawking LOUDLY.  We took a 1-minutes walk break every 2 laps (about every 4.5 minutes of running) so that helped me tremendously.  The soccer field was nice and cushy (no pavement pounding). And I ended up running TWO MILES – which is HUGE for me!  It felt good!  I want to do more next time!

Greg went on to run 2 additional miles, while I walked and snapped pictures and waited patiently for him…

photo 2

photo 2 copyWhat a great start to my day!  Cheers everyone! — Jen


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10 Responses to Round and round the soccer field we go…

  1. Jen I have been following your blogs and enjoy your writing. We are so excited, bought the plane tickets for next Feb and will be in Coco area to begin…three weeks to check out the NW part of CR. Keep up the great reporting . Randy

  2. So YOU guys have my Motmot…. They live near water, usually, they
    like my house for its excoffee finca terrain, and there used to be
    one who would come sit on my jocote tree for hours, just watching
    me. Ticos call them “bobos”, for their owl-like call. I hope he
    comes back to me. For those who don’t know what they look like, they are a beautiful, and quite distinctive blue-crowned, with a wide down-turned beak. Strange feet. Their most eye-catching feature is their long, lovely tail, which 3/4 of the way down, goes into two stems, then resumes in two little paddles — I’m not doing it justice!– Google it, please. My favorite characteristic of theirs is that they share parenting duties, somethings many of my family members can’t seem to achieve…

  3. Hello Jen:

    This my first time on your blog, and I really enjoyed, I am planning to move to CR pretty soon, we are thinking in San Ramon, do you have any impression about that area? we are a family of 4, wife, husband, two girls, 14 and 10; it will be a challenge with the teenager, but I am 60 and want to go back to the basis, I am from Guatemala, and been living in the USA for 15 years, we bought a nice piece of land in San Ramon, and planing to build, of course first we are going to rent, please if you can give your thoughts I will really appreciate them. Thanks a lot !!

    • Hello Roy! Welcome to my blog – glad you found it! Unfortunately, I have not been to San Ramon, and don’t know anything about it. Good luck!

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