Retiring in Costa Rica

Somebody Pinch me.  Seriously.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living here in Costa Rica forever (it’s that comfortable); but more often than not, it’s still like – wow – is this really my life?

Retired?  Me?  Yep.  I know it’s odd – I’m still in my early 40’s (I can say early till I’m 45, just fyi).  In fact, I really don’t like telling people I’m retired – I usually get strange looks of disbelief, and some people don’t even believe me after I reiterate.  Maybe early-retired is a better and truer word.  Also, I’ve only been officially retired since June, so it’s all still very new to me.

However, apparently just being early-retired isn’t even the strangest thing for people, but being retired and living IN COSTA RICA is even odder.  But yet – here I am (little ‘ole me!), retired AND living in Costa Rica.

The truth is, all oddness aside, I am thoroughly enjoying it here; in fact LOTS MORE than my life in the states; even though – I admit – EVERYTHING is different here, and the change in my life style has been a complete 180.  Do I have as many assets as I had in the states?  Nope.  Do I have as much money as I did in the states?  Absolutely not(!).  Do I have gourmet restaurants, high-end shopping and concert venues here?  Not so much.  Do I have money worries here?  Sure.  And yet – my life is richer here.  I have time to do what I want to do, and oddly enough (as lots of people ask), I have not ONCE gotten bored.  I think I am actually MORE social here than I was in Dallas – mainly because it’s easy and natural.  The pace of life is slower here.  We don’t have a car, but we actually enjoy taking the bus – seeing familiar faces every other day or so, always greeting us with a smile.  I have not ONCE gotten tired of “spending all day with my husband” (something I was actually worried about before we moved here).  We do a lot of stuff together, but we also do our separate things, which is working perfectly for us.  There’s also more time for kissing, kind looks, winks, endearing comments (and you know, other stuff).  It’s just nice to wake up next to each other without an alarm blaring in our ears, but the gentle sunlight coming in through the drapes instead.  I’ve been able to take yoga classes, something I’d always wanted to get into in the states, but just didn’t seem to have the time for (and we do it OUTSIDE y’all!, with the breeze in our hair and an incredible view of the central valley).  I’m writing this blog, something I’d always wanted to do – but again, never got around to.  I’m making time each day to work out, to study Spanish, to think about my little baking business (not really a “business”, but just something fun I’ve always dreamed of doing).  I’m eating better and cooking more, because you know, I have time.  I spend WAY more time outside, and WAY more time using my legs to walk.  All these things are fun to me, even though some are “work” – I feel strong, healthy and WAY more laid back and relaxed than I used to be.  That HAS to be a good thing.

That’s all for now, folks!  Thanks for reading me! — Jen


More time for kissing…

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  1. Hi Jen,
    Isn’t it true that now you have more time to do the things you like and not what you have to? I retired two years ago and it has taken me this much time to get in the R-Mode. Living in CR accelerates the process, it’s just Pura Vida!! Thanks for your post.

  2. Great post, Jen, I can totally relate. It is so much less stressful living more simply here in Costa Rica. We are experiencing the same sort of feelings in month three. We might not have as much money but are enjoying life just as much as we were in the States, if not more. Love reading your posts, keep them coming!

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