Reserva Forestal Grecia – Bosque del Niño


another -- 676537447184_980548221_oReserva Forestal Grecia Bosque del Niño (Grecia Forest Reserve of the Children) is right here in Grecia.  It’s a nice little getaway from the city life.  When we were there – we were the only ones there!  

There’s a huge field for soccer or playing catch, and behind it is a large covered area with several picnic tables and grills.  The bathrooms are located behind the covered area.


There are a couple of houses that are available for renting overnight (see details at end of this post):


Starting out, you see this map right away which explains the different trails.  Camino al Volcán Poás means “the way to Poas Volcano” – a 5 km/3 mile hike (we decided to save this hike for next time!).  We did hike up to the #4 Catarata (waterfall).


Almost immediately you become enveloped in the quiet forest. 


Watch where you are walking at all times and bring a stick if you have one (or find one in the forest to borrow), as there are many places with gnarly tree roots exposed that you could easily trip over.  

At this sign, we took off to the right to see the waterfall (catarata):


The waterfall was a mere trickle of water, though still beautiful.  Our friend Lance said this might have been because of a downed tree further up the river that he knew of.

We took a break here and had a snack by the waterfall.  By the way, we all used just a small day pack, which was perfect for snacks, water, towels, etc.  I loved my pal Samantha’s Osprey Daylite Pack, it was so cute and small and just perfect for a light day of hiking:

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 2.39.30 PMClick here to check out the Osprey Daylite Pack

 The trees were huge and full, and therefore the sun was almost completely blocked out.  It was quiet except for chirping birds and running water.  We had a great time hiking here, and will most definitely come back for a long picnic lunch afterwards.



Our hiking group:

FullSizeRender-2 copy

Oh – on the way back, we happened to startle a wild pig!  Happened too fast for us to get a picture, and the pig actually kind of “barked” at us.  You never know what you’ll come across in the forest…

Entrance fee: ₡600 per person (foreigners or residents, and includes parking!)
Hours: open every day, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Grounds include: bathrooms, picnic tables, grills, camping area
Also:  There’s 2 houses you can rent overnight (about $2-3 a night!)
Altitude:  1500 – 2500 meters (4900 – 8200 feet)
Bring:   Snacks (or lunch if you’re picnicking), water, sunscreen, walking stick…
Where: from Grecia, follow the San Isidro ridge towards Poas, until you can branch off on Calle Rodriguez, keep going until you see a sign on your left for Bosque del Niño:
map bisque

That’s all for now, folks! — Jen

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7 Responses to Reserva Forestal Grecia – Bosque del Niño

  1. Hello Jen & Greg,
    Have been following your blog for almost 2 years now & have enjoyed it very much! My husband & I are flying down from Dallas in May for 2 weeks & would love to meet with you guys. We are staying 5 days in Grecia, then up to La Fortuna & on to Tamarindo.

    • Awesome Debra! We keep a pretty busy schedule, and it’s difficult to know ahead time if we’ll be available, but let us know when you get to Grecia and we’ll see if we can get together. Pura vida!

  2. Looks like a perfect way to spend a day. Hubby and I love to hike and see the birds, animals and flowers that Costa Rica has to offer. Might have to check out this area the next time we visit (and I’m sure there will be a next time)! Thanks for posting this! – Sherry / Ottawa, Canada

  3. Hello Jen
    I love the trips you write about and give suggestions on and the how to. I would also like to see safety tips. Is the area safe to bring valuables, Does it have park ranger or some type of security, is there safe place to leave your car, How safe in general is this trip and your other trip postings. I realize it’s up to each person to be alert and be cautious when in new and not to familiar areas. But many of us when on vacation tend to be more relaxed and distracted. I realize you would not post and suggest a trip if you didn’t think it was safe. But in general would like to also know what you experienced and if there is any reason or area for concern. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work you are doing.

    • Hello Carlos, and thanks for your comment. Me personally – I feel safe on every single trip I have blogged about. For car safety – we never leave anything of value in the car (even if there is a park ranger/parking security), even if we are just going to lunch in town. We err on the side of caution. The majority of crimes here, are crimes of opportunity. We choose to take that opportunity away. Thanks for reading & following me!

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