Playa Jacó

Greg & I are lucky.  We have some really awesome friends.  And I’m not just saying that.  About 2 months before we moved to Costa Rica, we joined a facebook group called “Expatriates in Costa Rica”.  Through a friend we met on there, who had visited Costa Rica and plans to move there one day, we were introduced (online) to Helen & Charles.  We connected with them, and they were so kind to answer several questions we had.  Then we found out they were originally from Texas, and would be visiting Dallas soon (remember, this is when we still lived in Dallas), and wanted to get together with us and have dinner!  And, we liked them even MORE after meeting them in person.

So when we touched down in Costa Rica finally (mid-June), they were there to take us out to lunch/dinner and be there for us.  They’re just good people.  Very informative, and personable, and down to earth – which is just our style.  So when they asked us, on the spur of the moment one day, if we wanted to join them to go to the beach for a day-trip, we were like “UM, YEAH!”.

Of course their 20-something-year-old grandson, Justin, didn’t get a say in it, and he had to share the tiny backseat of the car with me and tall-boy (Greg) for the 2 hour trip.   But he’s a sweet kid (not really a kid, but I get to call him that because I’m lots older), and super cool (just like his grandparents).

So off we went to Jacó (pronounced “haco”).  Yay – finally we were at a beach, for the first time since moving here in June.  Everyone tells us Jacó is not the “best” of beaches in Costa Rica…  it is known for it’s kinda ‘rough’ nightlife (lots of prostitution, which is legal in Costa Rica BTW), but hey – we were just going for the day anyway, and we soooo wanted to see a beach, period.

We had a blast.  On the way there, before we got to the beach, we came to a bridge over the Tarcoles River – where lots of people supposedly stop to see crocodiles.  Yep, we weren’t disappointed; the croc’s were there!  Just over the bridge, down below, lounging on the muddy banks of a river.  Kinda crazy when I thought about it – I mean, they are just THERE – out in the open.  Free.  We were not at a zoo, people!!




Playa Jacó (playa means beach) – was awesome.  Yes it was hot, but there was a nice cool breeze coming off the ocean the whole time. It was just a great, laid-back, relaxing day.  We rented some beach chairs (which came with use of a bathroom at the hotel/café), and hung out all day – either watching the ocean, romping in the ocean, or walking down the shoreline….



Helen, Charles and Justin


2 “kids” playing around with their camera’s….


photo-bombed by a photographer.

Greg & I did take a short walk “down the main drag” of town, which was scattered with little shops, café’s and hotels – he got a Cuban cigar, I got a cool bracelet (I wonder if I could make these??).  Fun times!


Thanks Helen & Charles & Justin!  🙂

Peace out, Jen


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  1. Welcome home to Grecia. We echoed your sentiments with the crocodiles as it reminded us of our visit last year to the Tarcoles River – feast for the eyes, but be careful not to become feast for the crocs! We always look forward to reading your posts.
    Annie & Frank

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