Picking fruit to eat from my own backyard – say what?

So the place we’re staying at has these gorgeous fruit trees all over the backyard, around the pool and beyond. They’re not only pretty – they actually have amazing fruit on them, and they taste good!  OMG, this is like paradise. There are mango, lime, lemon, mandarin orange & banana trees – that we know of.


Mandarin Orange – picked right from tree, easily peeled and eaten! Sweet and perfect!


Mandarin Orange before it was peeled.





 A short walk from our place down the trail takes you to avocado and pineapple trees, and more of the aforementioned fruit trees – all of these are in total abundance here, which explains why they are so affordable, as well. For example, at the “feria” (the local farmer’s market on Friday & Saturday), you can get 5 avocado’s for $2.00 and 4 whole pineapples for $2.00. Seriously. And the avocado’s are ready to eat and huge, and the pineapple’s are amazingly sweet and fresh (think: jolly rancher flavor). I could just live off of this stuff!!


Jeff and Joleen (from Minnesota)


Mark and Jeanie (from Texas)

Oh, and here’s a little something else from our backyard here at the place we’re staying – our new friends we have coffee with EVERY morning (at the break of dawn!)!  They have been so kind to show us the ropes (like taking the bus for the first time, or hiking down an unknown trail, and lots of other good info)…  They will be gone when we return from our 2-week trip to Dallas (my hubby’s father passed away 3 days after our arrival).

We will miss these guys upon our return (luckily Mark and Jeanie will be back at the end of July – woot)!

That’s all for now folks!

Peace! – JenJen


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