Why it pays to take the bus.

Every time we see a cute old Toyota Landcruiser from the 70’s/80’s, my hubby ogles it and talks about wanting to buy one.  These Toyota’s are everywhere here.  And I have to admit, they ARE pretty darn stinkin cute.  But then I think about actually paying for it (price of cars here, even older ones, are a lot more expensive than the States), the required basic insurance, the annual inspection fees, extra insurance, maintenance (which hey – with something this old, might be almost every day)…  it’s just not worth it to me. 

Plus – what is actually wrong with taking the bus everywhere?  Absolutely nothing.  Well, ok – a few small inconveniences:

1.  It takes time – about a ½ hour to get to town and of course we have to plan our schedule to catch it coming home (but hey – I HAVE lots of time…  I don’t work a “day job” anymore!)
2.  Sometimes Greg doesn’t have much leg room:
3.  It can be hot – mainly coming home in the late afternoon with the sun shining down (but hey – I can always take a shower when I get home!).
4.  Walking around town is sometimes a little hard for me (klutz that I am) – I have to keep my eyes down and hold my hubby’s hand – look at these sidewalks, don’t tell me you wouldn’t trip if you were here:

But – the payoffs are huge.

1.  Of course there is the money we save by not having a car (fare one way per person is $0.84) . 
2.  We almost always see friends while walking around town everywhere (that is, if I happen to see them when my eyes aren’t glued to the sidewalk).   If we drove everywhere, this wouldn’t happen as frequently.
3.  We know our bus drivers – even when we’re not on the bus, they wave at us happily when they see us out hiking or sitting on our front patio. 
4.  We get to meet and know the people who live on our ridge and ride the bus.

And today while sitting at the bus stop outside Maxi Pali, we met a few new people.  A young Costa Rican lady – who knew we spoke English – but was trying to chat with us in Spanish anyway – and she was speaking deliberately slowly for us – she was really nice.  An older man, who had retired here 5 years ago from San Francisco, California – and was just loving life (note:  the difference in cost of living between here and San Francisco – MAJOR!).

And then– this just happened:  a sports car pulls up with two young handsome Italian looking men, the window rolls down and I they say:

“Hey – you guys look familiar!  We follow you on Instagram and read your blogs!”.

We chatted a bit, and then they offered us a ride to town (but alas, we were going a different direction).

Wow.  I feel almost famous.  Javier and Michael – I know it was a small thing, but you guys just made my day!!

The bus…  things happen when you take the bus.  Or wait for the bus.  Whatever.  I’m glad we don’t have a car.  Ciao for now! — Jen

PS – in case you’re wondering, this is my “almost famous” look today.  Very glamorous, no?

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  1. I just came across your blog…I think you started following me on instagram. Moving (at least part time) to Costa Rica is in our plans. I look forward to following your blog! ~wen mcnally

  2. Jen, I agree about the bus transport..it SO easy here, and cheap. My knees stick out too.
    I like sitting up front watching the driver, taking money, giving exact change from the foam rubber
    Container sitting next to him, and noticing the different types of drivers wrestling the big, lumbering
    Latas as the locals call the buses..Spanish for tin cans

    • Yes Eddie – the bus drivers here are amazing! All they do, all they see…. they watch out for the little kids taking the bus to school. Also – we witnessed 2 bus drivers getting a handicapped man in his wheel chair onto the bus the other day – amazing.

  3. Jen Jen I love reading your blogs. Just to let you know I would break something if I had to walk around those sidewalks. I cannot even walk in the back yard without spraining my ankle. Lol. I am glad you like taking the bus because I am not sure I would. Keep up the great job of posting things on your blog and Instagram.

    • Thank you so much Amanda Dawn! It gives me great pleasure to know you read me (still). 🙂 And I HAVE fallen twice so far, since being here… But if you came to visit I’d take great care of you, don’t you worry. 🙂

  4. Hola Jen Jen! What a fun post, thanks! However, you may agree that life is pretty fun with a Mini! 🙂

    Watch out for those bumps in the road!

    • Si mi amiga, Mighty! 🙂 I saw like 2 mini’s here in the last few days, makes me miss mine… but wow – can’t imagine driving a mini here with the condition of the roads… would NOT be fun, I’d have flat tires all the time. 🙂

  5. Its so nice to have found yall, I got my wife to read your blog. When I said lets move to costa rica she thought I was crazy, (that was 3 years ago)Costa vacation 2014! yepie. Were leaving Alvarado, Tx. one day thanks to Jen and Greg. Keep up the great work your blogs are changing lives.

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