DIY Paper Towel Origami

So…. you’re having dinner guests over in an hour, and you discover that you don’t have any napkins in the house! Horror of horrors. But wait – you DO have paper towels.


Well, this happens a lot to me here in Costa Rica because we just don’t buy napkins. Paper towel is fine for all of our needs. And of course we buy the cheapest paper towel we can, because we live on a pretty frugal budget. Although we did have to start paying a bit more for a little bit nicer brand, as the cheapest one was very hard to tear off the roll without shredding, and if it got the least bit wet, it totally disintegrated.

Anyway…  here you go.  This is really super easy, and makes the paper towel look so much nicer than if you just fold it in half:

You’re welcome!  Pura vida! — Jen

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11 Responses to DIY Paper Towel Origami

  1. Now you’ve done it Jen — I was going to just serve finger food at my
    party on Sunday, but now feel compelled to make little paper towel pouches
    for silverware. Doggone it! My touch will be to use Mickey Mouse paper
    towels to add a certain level of sophistication. Thanks for the great
    idea! Carol

    • Yes, they do have paper napkins here – but most are small and flimsy, unless you want to pay a lot for really nice napkins. We prefer the paper towel!

  2. When you have children and friends with children you buy paper towels in the huge bulk economy size!
    We have always called our paper towels, ‘Fine Linen’ when they are used at meal times! Now I can actually make them look appropriate for the dinner table! Thanks, Jen. As always your positive happy attitude of live, laugh, love has uplifted my spirit again! Love you Chica!

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