Nine Non New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, this time of year – I get tired of hearing everyone’s “new year resolutions” and having people ask me what mine are.  Why?  Because if you ask almost ANYONE what their resolutions were last year at this time – they wouldn’t be able to answer you!   Resolutions seem to be a high priority at the end of December and throughout January, but then….  are quickly forgotten (OK – not everyone…  I know I have a few friends out there that are the exception to this rule).   I feel this is something people love to talk about, and yes – have good intentions (which are always good, don’t get me wrong).  But how many people really carry through with them – for the whole year?

So, this year – I don’t have any resolutions. I don’t want to set myself up for failure (even though no one would probably ever know, including me!).  After all, I just got finished last year with doing some pretty amazing and brave stuff.   So, THIS year – here are my NON-resolutions:

1.  Continue to love myself and view my body as a “temple”.  Since moving to Costa Rica last year, I have not gone on a diet – but rather – I try to eat more fruits and more veggies.  I just try to eat when I’m hungry.  I don’t over do it, hardly ever.  And I think I’m doing a great job!  Have I lost any weight?  No idea.  But – what I do know – is that I feel GOOD about myself and my body.  I’m enjoying myself.  I cook from scratch a lot more for Greg & I – but I don’t seem to overeat or overstuff myself – ever.  This has come a long way from my Dallas days.

2.  Continue to walk, hike, and workout.  I admit – I do not do these things everyday.  Some days I have lots of baking orders to start on, and can’t get out of the house to hike with Greg.  And some mornings, I just don’t want to.  BUT – I usually hike and/or do yoga 3x a week  – and I will continue with his schedule and maybe strive to step it up a notch  (oops – a slight resolution there!).

3.  Continue to enjoy sunsets with my hubby.  Since the rainy season has ended (mid-November) – we have been getting a gorgeous sunsets – like every night!  Whatever we are doing (Greg & I always seem to be busy) – we try to drop it and go outside on our patio and just look at the sunset together.  This is always an enjoyable time – peaceful, beautiful – and always makes us go “aw”.

4.  Continue to do my “Jen’s Bake Shop” baking business.  I’ll continue baking and promoting my local/small business as much as I can.  Really – it’s going at the rate I like it.  Not too busy or crazy (I am supposed to be “retired”, right?).  Also – have already started making bracelets – so will be selling those too.  Will see how it goes – if it takes off, great!  If not – that’s ok – I only really learned how to make them for myself, as I had bought a really cool bracelet at one time – and was NEVER able to find it again!  I was so excited to learn how to do this for myself, huge moment of joy.

5.  Continue to write my blog and work on my book.    I am really enjoying writing, more than I thought I would.  I’ll continue to write and post on my blog (I’m doing that right now!  Yay!), and also working on my book.  I found a FANTASTIC editor here in Grecia who is already editing chapters I have written – and he is really awesome, I must say.  I can’t wait for it to be done and put it out there for y’all to read!!

6.  Continue to save money for a piano.  The money I make on my Bake Shop – I am saving all of it (Greg’s idea) to purchase a keyboard/piano for myself.  This is one part of my life that is missing right now, so it will be nice to have a keyboard around again.

7.  Continue to learn Spanish at my own rate.  I think I have learned a lot of Spanish since I’ve moved here, and I do little things on my own to further my knowledge.  I know this is a slow process, but for some reason – this is just how I want to do it at this time.  I don’t care that almost everyone here will disagree with my process, because the truth is  – I am learning and putting forth an effort, and doing it how I want to do it.  Which is important to me these days – doing things the way I want to.  When I interact with Ticos – I always speak Spanish (as limited as it may be!).  I never want to be one of those Gringo’s who raise their voice to Ticos while speaking English – louder & louder, because they think the Tico just can’t hear them (this is what gives Gringo’s a bad name, people!).

8.  Continue to spend quality time with my love.  This is actually more difficult than one would think.  I’m sure you’re thinking – “you guys are basically together all day, right?”  We are, but we tend to “work” on things separately all day.  For me this could be doing online recipe research, working on my blog or my book, planning a trip for when a visitor comes, baking in the kitchen, or making bracelets…  and for Greg this could be working on his blog or working on ways to promote his blog (which actually takes a lot of time, but he’s been doing a great job – he gets lots of views to his blog every day now), also he works on business ideas…   Our quality time exists when we both put down our books, phones, laptops – and just “be” together.  Watching a sunset, hiking together, riding the bus to town, etc. – these are great times of just being together – whether we’re talking or not, and I do need to endeavor to find more of this quality time together.

9.  Continue to strive for improvement.  Of course, the whole reason of a new year’s resolution – is to strive to make yourself better in some way, and of course I endorse this.  I always need improvement in certain areas of my life (what, you thought I was perfect?).  So – I will strive to continue to improve myself – not just on New Year’s day or January – but every day this year.

That’s all for now folks!  Ciao – Jen



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19 Responses to Nine Non New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I agree with you so much! Many people just like to ‘throw out’ some new years resolutions they did not really think about or they don’t (intend to) keep. I see the new year as a reminder to keep on improving myself and always try for the best. I prefer calling them “goals” for life.

      • Ah – Mighty – I see you saw it on my sidebar (instragram)… which I also put on Facebook and we got lots of “likes” on this picture, let me tell you!! 🙂

  2. In the pictures posted with this site …. did YOU make those bracelets? THEY ARE FANTASTIC. I am so jealous at your creativity! Way to go JEN!

  3. Nice post. You two just can’t simply retire, can you? 😉 I hope you can manage to squeeze in some good quality time each day–that’s a big area where we could us a “resolution.”

  4. I like your non-resolutions! New Year’s is a good time to take stock and reevaluate your goals, but just resolving something in January doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. Good luck with all of them – especially your bake shop!

  5. Yes, I noticed the pic on the sidebar. I made it to Instagram and Facebook. You are making me famous, lol! 🙂

    Se dice Feliz Ano Nuevo.

    Buenas noches, Chica!

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