A new dentist visit – in Escazú

The other day we had the opportunity to visit a new dentist in Guachipelin, Escazú, Costa Rica.  I had an appointment for a teeth cleaning, and Greg was scheduled for a cleaning and a teeth whitening.  I’m not too easily impressed these days, but Dr. Oriana González impressed me.

Here is Dr. González (in white) with her assistant:

Dr. González speaks fluent English and her office is very professional and has a calming environment.   When it was time for my cleaning, she led me to a separate room where her equipment and chair was, overlooking greenery from her 2nd story view. Everything looked white and clean. She keeps her office slightly cool, but brought me a warm, soft blanket to put over my legs, and then her assistant brought me a warm aroma therapy neck warmer that she place behind and around my neck. Whoa – so comfy – not what I expected at a dentist office!

Dr. González thoroughly explained everything before she did each procedure, which was nice to know what to expect. She started with examining my teeth. After a good report on my teeth (thank you very much!), she then began the cleaning process. She uses a water pick type machine (almost like a pressure washer) to take the stain off my teeth.   Before she started this, she put large clear glasses over my eyes to protect them from any spray or splatter. And then she put headphones over my ears and I watched a nature show on the TV that was on the ceiling. Pretty cool, and a nice distraction. After the water-picking was done, she polished my teeth (similar to the States). The whole process did not take long – maybe 40 min’s or so.

Afterwards she went over the proper way to floss and brush my teeth, which was nice and helpful, and we chatted about proper dental hygiene care.


IMG_4839When I was done, her assistant gave me a warm towelette to wipe off my face with, which felt heavenly. Then I was offered me something to drink, and Dr. González’s assistant whipped up this awesome cappuccino for me! I must say, this was a GREAT overall experience at the dentist.  No one LIKES visiting the dentist, but they made my teeth cleaning experience as comfortable as possible.


Here are her approximate prices and details:

Cleaning (deep): $125
Whitening: $300
Crown (depends on metal or porcelain): $395 – $595

Dr. Oriana González
She specializes in Prosthodontics Specialist and Cosmetic Dentistry
Costa Rica:  506-2289-6969
USA: 1-305-407-8002
Plaza Mundo, Guachipelin, Escazú, Costa Rica

Dr. González also caters to North Americans who may want to visit Costa Rica for the sole purpose of having dental work done at very affordable prices. She can help you coordinate your trip, including some fun things to do in Costa Rica between your dental visits.

Disclaimer:  My teeth cleaning service was paid for, but this blog post contains only my honest opinions (just like everything I blog about).  
Cheers! — Jen

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  1. Thank you for going before us and blazing this Costa Rica trail! I feel like you are doing all the hard work! As I sit here in Dallas, with our Sleetagedon (we got a snow day with sleet? Only in Texas), I can’t wait to live in that Beaudoin warm place!

    • Well, it is my pleasure to blaze the trail, Melissa! lol Yes, hear Dallas has really been through some ice the last few days. Hopefully will melt soon!

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