Our new casa

We have moved! Into an amazing new chalet-style house! I’d send you our address, but we still won’t have one.  The new casa is:

  • Bigger (3 bedrooms – come visit!)!
  • More comfy and rustic (lots of wood; think “ski resort” – which I know doesn’t fit with Costa Rica, but it is still super cute looking)!
  • More private (behind a huge privacy fence and gate)!
  • Has a yard (our last house did not)!
  • Has an enclosed garden (I think it was an aviary… but as my landlord pointed out, now it works to keep birds out)!
  • The views are even more amazing than our last house (I know, how could they get much better?)!


And for all this, we only had to move 50 meters down the road. (Meters you say? I know you’re impressed that I know what a meter is. But really – Greg told me. FYI 50 meters =  164 feet. Which I wouldn’t know either, I had to look it up.)

Anyway. After we moved in, I was freaking out because I couldn’t get the Wi-Fi to work on my phone. Greg’s phone worked fine… On our computers, it was a bit intermittent when it was raining, thundering, lightening or foggy out, but it IS the rainy season, and October is the worst of the rainy season… so we are OK with that. My phone though, was going to be a problem.

Well, a few days later Greg finally got me to check how many minutes I had left (Okay, he’d been asking me since the day we moved in). I finally did, and it was weird, that it didn’t give me a number at all – just two sentences in Spanish. Which translated to something to the effect of, “Hey you moron. You don’t have any minutes left.” Okay. Well that problem was solved. The Wi-Fi, while still not perfect in the cloudy/rainy times, is really pretty good the rest of the time (including on my phone now).

The house is totally charming. The stairs are all wood and creak when anyone walks on them (part of the charm! Added bonus, now I always know where Greg is and what he’s up to).  Here’s a shot of the upstairs:


And the downstairs:


And here’s the upstairs balcony from our master bedroom!:


The windows are beautiful with their criss-cross iron design (which just today I thought is ALSO very secure – ain’t nobody breaking into our house!).

In addition to the balcony off the master bedroom upstairs, we have a long covered patio on the ground floor, as well as a sitting area over looking the valley. It’s all just so beautiful and private!


The biggest indulgence for us, is the house came with a TV! We get CNN (which we haven’t viewed at all), a lot of FRIENDS (oh, joy!), a couple of food/cooking channels (yes, please!), and MUSIC channels! The plus of me watching a FRIENDS marathon the other day was it had Spanish subtitles – so it wasn’t just for pleasure – I was learning as well!

Our landlords are super awesome!  Well, ok, I guess we just moved in, but still – so far they have been super cool. The place is totally furnished, but they’ve also thought of all the little things – kitchen towels, dishes & pans, bed sheets, bathroom towels, and appliances (including a toaster oven and blender – thank you!)!

We feel so lucky to have found this place, and we weren’t even really looking!

That’s all for now! I’m making a loaf of “Imperial Beer Bread” today to make my new casa smell lovely.  Cheers! — Jen


I quit my job in my early 40’s, sold everything and retired early to live a simple life in Costa Rica!

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50 Responses to Our new casa

  1. The pictures are great–this really IS a find. Can’t wait to see it up close and personal, amiga!!!!! Miss you much.

  2. Jen,
    Your new place looks amazing! I’m glad you found it…..thanks for your posts! love to see folks happy in CR
    Pura Vida

  3. Hi Jen! Congratulations on your new place, i Dominic lived there a few years ago looking at some Land in the South of Costa Rica to grow crops for an Orphanage and build some villas, where are you presently located? I am in Canada will be there eventually maybe we can meet, along with the other few dozen people that i also have to meet, all the best.


  4. It looks really pretty, Jen! The views! Looks like they used all the typical materials but in a better-looking way than most do.

  5. Congratulations! What a lovely find. Looks like the longer you are staying there the better and better it gets! I hope to be in CR Grecia area for 3 months or so early next year. Just quit my 13 year corporate job and am making plans! Am truly enjoying following your adventures post-corporate life. You have inspired me!

  6. Dear Chica,

    Wowzer, you scored with your new house!! What a find. And the view…
    Incredible. Nice scam pretending to learn Spanish via Friends subtitles;
    does your husband fall for that??

    I agree, that having a good landlord changes everything and I never want to own again. Aren’t we geniuses to figure that out?

    Happy housewarming and may you continue to live happy and healthy there. And then come South for a vacation. Carol Vaughn

    • Thanks Carol! Every now and then I’ll make a comment to hubby about something on Friends like “oh, they claro a lot”, so he thinks I’m really learning something. Si, claro. 🙂

      Exactly – good landlords and renting is the BEST here! And affordable! Cheers!

  7. It is beautiful Jen and Greg! So happy for y’all! Thanx for sharing the pics. Can’t wait to come visit…and can’t wait to be your neighbor soon! <3 Benediciones! Jeanie and Mark

  8. Dream home! Congrats on your find; was this a “who you know” find? Put baby powder in cracks between floorboards to stop creaks. Some people say cornstarch, but bugs like cornstarch, so dont use that! Mary Ellen

    • Exactly Mary – a “who you know” find, thanks to great friends and neighbors! My landlord suggested that too (baby powder) for the cracks on the wooden stairs, although I haven’t tried yet – I actually kinda like the charm. I guess once we have guests, the creaky stairs might be more annoying… lol 🙂

  9. Dear Jen,
    What a beautiful view and adorable house!!!! I am so happy for you and your husband. Congratulations!!!! It looks like you are having so much fun in Costa Rica, it is indeed an amazing country.

    • Awesome! Can’t wait to have you guys close to us! We have some other friends that are moving to San Ramon mid-November. 🙂 Keep us posted. 🙂

  10. hi Jen I enjoyed seeing your pictures. They bring back memories from the last time I was down there and spent ime with Peter & Jenn . Good luck in your new house. I am sorry you were not down there when I was. I was looking so hard to make friends . One woman I met that Jenn suggested said she was not interested, she had enough friends already. It did not help. In my thoughts of staying, especially since I was not a couple at that moment . I enjoy hearing about thre things you do. I have to tell Irena just that I read her and her husbands blod all the time. Ann

    • Ann – did you live in the 2 story house down a road off of the El Cajon road, the Jennifer was renting at the time? We think that is a cute little house! There are so many gringo’s here now, you would have no problem making friends. Irina & Jim are awesome, just saw them last night. Thanks for reading my blog! Cheers.

      • Noticed you have many replies on your blog in regards to your rental, i Dominic am a Canadian, presently in Canada, lived in Costa Rica in the past and frequent there occasionally, i am looking to buy some land and grow crops for local Orphanages, will be launching a crowdfunding site for donations in the near future, was wondering when the time arises if you can say a good word on your blog Jen? I will also have volunteers to help out on the farm with accommodations and food type of thing, all the best. Thanks Dominic

          • Hi Jen! Appreciate it, will let you know when i get closer, by the way how long you been living in CR and how do you enjoy it? All the best in your future endevours.

            Thanks Dominic

              • Hi Jen! Glad your loving it, i lived there almost 2 years, wasn’t busy enough got bored, trick is to keep busy, make a few bucks, makes it more enjoyable. This time i am looking to grow crops for an Orphanage and develop some Real Estate, vacation villas to rent and sell, all the best.

                Thanks Dominic

  11. Good heavens, Jen! This place looks like absolute nirvana. Holy cow. Every square inch is gorgeous.
    I wish you and Greg a lifetime of happiness here–no matter if it’s for a day or a decade. Congratulations on such a spectacular find.

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