Money Money Money!

OK – let’s talk MONEY.  The money here (called the “colón”, plural being “colones’) is SO beautiful.  I just love it.  The paper bills are smaller than our American dollar bills, but they’re just so PRETTY.  Look!


The front…


And the back (love the animals!)…

The coins are nothing fancy, look similar to the American coins, but here you go, just in case you’re interested:


The rate here is fairly easy to calculate (thanks to my super-street-smart hubby who figured out this little trick for me).  All you have to do – to convert colones to dollars – is move the decimal point 3 places to the left and double it.  So, for instance:

35,000 colones = $70.00 dollars

1,250 colones = $2.50 dollars

Get it?  It’s so easy!  The HARD part is when you buy something at a market, or you’re asking someone verbally what the price is, and they rattle off the number in Español sooo fast.  I’d know it if I SAW it, but hearing them say “un mil doscientos cincuenta” (for 1,250 colones) kinda rattles me!   Luckily the local Costa Ricans (who are called “tico’s”) are so nice, and most of them have calculators handy.  So they just type in the colones amount, and show us the calculator!  Problem solved.  🙂

A bit of history…  The colón was named after Christopher Columbus and was introduced in 1896 to Costa Rica. The symbol for the colón is a minuscule letter  “c” crossed by two diagonal strokes, like this: ₡

That’s all for now folks!

Peace, JenJen



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  1. Thank you for posting some pictures of the Costa Rican bills. Don’t you just love how they have SHARKS, SLOTHS, and MONKEYS on their money? How cool is that!

    Also, is it just me, or do you find it strange that they put the see-through hologram on the 1 mil bill? I would have put it on the most expensive note!

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