Momma Beck Visit!!

My sweet Momma came and visited us!  All the way from Wisconsin!  She had been to Costa Rica once before – in early 2012 she was with us on our due diligence trip, so she had been a part of our decision process from early on.  For her, it was great to visit us this time and see where we lived, friends we’ve made, and how we live our daily lives here.  She was constantly awed by the natural beauty of Costa Rica and inquisitive about everything – the plants, flowers, birds, trees, people and customs.  I must say, it is so fun to have someone who is so thrilled by her surroundings (future visitors, please keep this in mind!  We don’t take on unenthused or unappreciative people for boarders!).

One thing I must note about my Mom – she is so young!!  No one ever guesses that she is “slightly over 70” (see mom, I didn’t betray your age!).  Between how young she looks, how physically fit she is, and how much energy she has – people think we are sometimes sisters instead of mom & daughter.  She is really amazing, and I’m so proud of her.  We had so much fun showing her everything.

Here’s a glimpse of what we did together:

She came with me to yoga class!  And she kept up with everyone (even people much younger than her, like um – well, ME!):


We took her on a grueling, steep hike in a coffee finca – and she survived!  It was probably a little bit more than she is used to – with the steepness and altitude (we were at 4800 feet), but she is a trooper, and was so happy we took her on it (she only said this AFTER we were done):


IMG_5931She “muled” in ALL this beautiful stuff for us (plus lots more that we couldn’t fit in the picture)!  She returned home with one suitcase inside another suitcase…  Needless to say, I was very thankful for her muling efforts!  I felt kinda bad, as she kept telling me “I don’t have room for any more clothes, I might have to do laundry and borrow a jacket!”…


She loved and approved of….

Our home and porch and view:



My homemade Pizza:


My Almond Joy Bites and Turtles:


My Stuffed Peppers:


My Arm Candy (I made THREE bracelets for her, made-to-order, while she was here!).  Here she is modeling one:


Our choices of dining out:


And our best friends, Justa & Steve:


We were invited to a beautiful dinner at our friends Justa & Steve’s house – it was amazing food and especially good company.  Here’s Justa’s spread she had for us:


We spent the WHOLE afternoon with them, here’s Mom & me on their porch relaxing:


And Mom learning a few “knee strengthening” exercises from Justa (who is a yoga-masseuse-guru!) :


My Mom also met various friends and acquaintances of ours throughout the week – it is like living in any small town – everywhere you go you run into people, and it was nice to be able to introduce my Mom to them.

I took her to the feria (farmer’s market), which she loved.  We walked every aisle and bought several things.  Then took a break and had this refreshing fruit drink.  Mom had to ask for a spoon (ok, I got one too) to get all the good bits of fruit chunks out.


We took two day trips/tours, which I will save for separate blog posts (too much to write about and too many pictures!!  I’m too busy these days!!).



Well – Mom had a perfectly good time and trip.  So I guess we should have known that something would go wrong…

Her flight back – got DELAYED.  Big time.  Atlanta (her layover) had gotten a dumping of snow 2 days before, and was still recovering (they are not used to snow and ice).  So…  Mom ended up being stuck in the Costa Rica airport for 6 hours.   Then when she finally got to Atlanta, of course her connecting flight had already gone…  she had to spend the night in the Atlanta Airport.  Luckily, she found some other people who were spending the night and slept by them (smart lady).  My brother Ted (night owl) kept her company with a nice phone call at midnight…  And by the next morning, she caught a flight to Wisconsin…  then drove home the 2 hours it took to get to her house.  Finally – she got home safe & sound, and I could breath a sigh of relief!

Mom  – you are the BEST – we loved our time with you, and can’t wait to have you back (you are welcome ANYTIME!!!).



We love you, Mom!  — Jen & Greg 🙂


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17 Responses to Momma Beck Visit!!

  1. Hola Chica Bonita! How funny, I think you were blogging as I was emailing you! Great post, as always!

    So glad you had a great time! Enjoy your weekend and can’t wait to hear more…..

    • Buenos dias mi amiga Mighty!! How funny… will go to my email next. Thanks for reading, as always my friend! We had a super awesome time with Mom!! 🙂

  2. We had the pleasure of meeting Greg, Jen and her mom Mary when we visited Costa Rica. They are extremely nice people and I hope to be able to keep in touch for a long time. We plan to return to CR and they will be one of the first people for us to visit. Greg and Jen again it was a pleasure getting to know you both and Mary.

    • Clayton – thank you so much! It was very nice to have you over and get to know you guys. Sounds like you got home safe & sound. Please let us know when you come back to visit. 🙂

  3. I knew Mary would have a great time visiting you! She loves you so much!! Haven’t seen her yet, here in WR, but know that I will!❄️⛄️❄️

    • Thank you Karen for your kind comment! Wow – Atenas is not too far from Grecia, but hard to get to on bus route. However, I’m going to Atenas on Feb. 9th for the Chili Cook Off – wish you’d be there already! Good luck with your move. 🙂

  4. Sounds like Mary had a great trip. The trip home left much to be desired and that is sooooo frustrating…I speak from experience but she made it safely.

    • Yep – fabulous trip Mary, until her flight home. I’m glad she’s safe and sound at home now, that’s for sure! No fun, especially when you’re traveling by yourself!

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