Los Chorros Waterfalls, Grecia, Costa Rica


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 Do you like waterfalls?  Well, they seem to be pretty plentiful here in Costa Rica.  Los Chorros is a little gem right outside of Grecia.  Easy to get to for a low-keyed and fun-filled day of natural beauty.


Los Chorros is about a 15 minute drive from Central Grecia, and just 30 minutes from the International Airport (SJO) in Alajuela.  It’s between the two small towns of Grecia and Tacares (see map at end of post).

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After you park, it’s a small hike of about 15-20 minutes to the first waterfall.


By the first waterfall is a huge area with picnic tables for eating lunch.


The first waterfall is beautiful, even in dry season (which is when we visited).



There’s a nice fenced viewing area, perfect for taking pictures (even if someone does give you rabbit ears, eh hem Yeison…):


After you view the first waterfall and eat a nice picnic lunch, put your water shoes on and grab this rope, and be prepared to get a little wet.  I look so adventurous, don’t I?

12265891_10205039399536453_8758203776693439127_o 2

 Just a note, Greg and I both had on our new trail shoes we recently purchased.  We took off our socks, and tried out our shoes in the water, as they are supposed to be very quick-drying.  They worked great and dried later that afternoon in the sun.

shoes jenClick here to check out the Salomon X-Mission’s

greg shoeClick here to check out the La Sportiva Wildcat’s

After getting in the water, you can get up close and personal to the first waterfall, which you are welcome to go swimming under:



Then, go around the corner of this first water fall, and follow the stream to the second waterfall.  NOTE:  this may not be possible in rainy season, as the water may be too high and dangerous.  But if you can, I promise you it’s worth it.  The misty cool breeze of this 2nd waterfall is glorious:

los chorros

This second waterfall also has a deep swimming pool in front of it (just behind where Greg and I are standing in this picture).

Cost: ₡3,000 ($6) foreigners, ₡2,000 residents/locals
Parking: ₡1,000 ($2)
Hours: Tues – Sun, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
What to bring: Water shoes, lunch, water, camera, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen
Bathrooms: At parking lot only

That’s all for now, folks!  — Jen

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17 Responses to Los Chorros Waterfalls, Grecia, Costa Rica

  1. I love that place, have been there many times. Very close to where I lived. This brings back so many memories. Quaint place, not commercialized. Spectacular, beautiful water falls along with a nice trail walk. So good to see those pictures of the happy hiking group and water falls. Thank you Jen and Greg.

  2. Thanx, Jenn, for this fun post. Makes me want to put my tennis on right now and go to Los Chorros! Love your blog ’cause it makes Costa Rica so “real”.

    • Yep! It wasn’t much further at all. And when you guys were here we had come in the back end – we should have come in the front end, a lot shorter distance to walk!! Live and learn…. 🙂

  3. Hey Jen – we went to also Chorros today and had a blast! Fantastic place & great price! Thx for putting us on to the place!!

  4. I have seen that you can rapell the waterfall, but I can not find a company that offers this…nor the price..Do you have any information of this?

    • I’m sorry, I do not have any information, nor do I remember seeing any signs for rappelling when we were there at Los Chorros… I know you can rapell at the Catarata del Toro waterfall, you may check their website if you’re interested.

  5. Hi Jen, I am Stasha. I have been a tour operator to only Costa Rica for over 28 years planning trips for active and adventurous people. I have never seen or heard of this waterfall. I am coming on a 38 day site trip in Nov & DEC to find new different things to offer for my adventurous clients.They want locals tours not touristy things to see and do. Even though many are upscale travelers they want to see CR at it’s best. I love the Osa and go there on every trip for all these years. There are still many places I have not seen in CR after over 150 trips to CR. Glad I found your site and will be sure to go to these falls at end of our trip around Dec 18,less rain than mid Nov. Will send comments on our return. Thanks to all who commented on this waterfall.

    Pura Vida
    Adventure and Dive Tours of Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Deluxe Tours and Vacations


    info@CostaRicaDeluxeTours.com or CRNature@aol.com 800 938 9767 US & Canada PST 10 AM to 8 PM
    Direct 001 530 488 6452 PST 10 AM to 8 PM

    • Hi Stasha! This waterfall is definitely local and non-touristy! Let me know if you get to check it out and what you think. Pura Vida!

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