Let’s go hiking!!



So…  this is just a short post about a hike we’ve been taking, which is quickly becoming our daily morning hike.  We leave right from where we’re staying, head out at the dead-end road (which turns from dirt road into a very bare tractor trail).  Takes about 50 min – to an hour (depending how many breaks we take).

It’s awesome!  Goes up in the hills and coffee fields .  LOTS of uphill climbing, water bottle and breaks are a neccessity.  Excellent workout.



We even have to go under some barbed wire at the beginning point, to continue on the trail.  Yes, I know, scandalous.


Also, there’s leaf cutter ants everywhere!  We are careful to watch for them and not get in their way.  They’re easy to pick out cuz they are always carrying bright green pieces of leaves.  They are hard working, let me tell you.


The drop off on the side of the trail is sometimes…  well – a drop off!




See all the coffee plants behind me?


More coffee fields… everywhere you look.


Gregorio doing some hard work… hiking up that ridge.

The trail ends up on “the main Cajon road” on the hill above our place, so we hike down the main road to our dirt road to get back to our place…


The dirt road to our place, heavily pot-holed…

Big shout out to Jeff Geifer for showing Greg this awesome hike, we love it!!

That’s all for now folks!

Peace out! — JenJen

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful pics. So glad your spider bite is getting better! What an incredible adventure! Enjoy!!

  2. We can’t wait to go with you on this hike! I hope that’s okay if we tag along!?? At least I wanna go with you…..Hope Mark will too! A good, FUN workout! <3

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