Keeping it real…

Hello my fellow blog readers! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock lately. Sure, it’s a Costa Rican rock, but none the less… So, I’m just stopping by to say “HI” and keep it real.  I’ve been super busy lately, but I have been getting a lot done.

For one, I finally got my book published (what? you didn’t know I wrote a book? CLICK HERE POSTHASTE and buy it now(!); at only $3.95, it’s cheaper than a Starbucks drink!). Also, whoever tells you writing is easy – don’t believe them. And going through an edited book is even HARDER (especially when I kept having to interrupt Greg with whatever he was doing and ask him his opinion on something because I couldn’t seem to make up my mind on little tweaky things).

Right before my book was published, we moved! Which even if it was just two houses down the road, it was still a busy time. But we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new house! It’s so much more private and quiet and the views are even more wonderful than before!

After my book was published, I immediately started working on tons of arm candy, as I had decided I would be taking part in the Atenas Arts & Crafts Festival on Nov. 15th. Sounds really fun, right? But then when I thought about having to sit still and make 100 bracelets, it was a little overwhelming (I’ve since revised my goal to 85, which seems much more manageable – we’ll see what happens).


Besides these busy (but amazing) things, SO MANY COOL THINGS have been happening, I can barely keep track! Here’s a few:

  • THIS IS FINAL COVERIt has truly been awesome to see people buying buying my book and giving me good reviews. I am completely overwhelmed by everyone’s positive reception of it so far. (PS – if you’ve read it, and haven’t given me a review yet, please do so on amazon, I’d really appreciate!  You can click this picture to get to the reviews section ————>).
  • A cool artist friend of mine painted my old Kitchen Aid mixer for me, and I could not be happier with it! Pam is SO talented, and I was seriously blown away by what she did. It makes me smile every single time I walk into my kitchen!

Miss Mix-a-lot!

  • ANOTHER cool artist friend made me this super handy dandy work table for making my bracelets. I love it! It’s super sturdy and he made the legs so I can take them off if I want, and he also gave me little extensions if I want to make the table taller. Paul – you are incredible. I also can’t help that it reminds me of my Dad who was an incredibly talented wood worker. 🙂


  • Our wonderful friends Mike & Michael, who are in the middle of moving here from Dallas, offered me some room on their container if I found a keyboard. So, with my sweet bro-n-law’s help (thanks Marty!) – I FOUND ONE on Craig’s List! It should be here by CHRISTMAS TIME! How cool is that? I’m so excited.


  • My hubby tells me he’s proud of me. And really – what more could I ask for after being married to this man for 19+ years?? That is truly the best thing and just makes me glow with love.

jen hair wet

  • I’m currently working on the paperback version of my book, and two lovely ladies have offered to host a book signing party here in Costa Rica for me! How exciting! I didn’t even know really what a book signing party was, but I’m pretty sure I just need to show up and sign books. :0)  I’m so honored that these ladies even thought of this (I wouldn’t have).
  • Oh, another friend (cyber friend, we haven’t met in person yet) offered to MULE in my paperback books for me! How marvelous is that? I’m so humbled…
  • Oh, one more thing. I found out that my hero and mentor, Brittany Gibbons, bought and is CURRENTLY READING my book. Like right now. And she told me “I’m sooo in love with this lady. So in love.” (OMG!!). I mean, this isn’t your normal person – she’s like famous and everything! I am just so FLOORED by this, actually, I don’t even know what to say.

So… THANK YOU EVERYONE, for helping me make my dreams come true. I couldn’t do these things if it weren’t for you – my kind friends, followers, readers, cyber stalkers…  thank you for being there for me!

If anyone needs to find me, I’ll be hunched over my new (and awesome) work table, working on my quota of bracelets for the Arts Festival coming up.

Cheers! — Jen


I quit my job in my early 40’s, sold everything and retired early to live a simple life in Costa Rica!

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16 Responses to Keeping it real…

  1. Reading your book now! A little over halfway through. I’m really enjoying your journey. So happy that you will be getting your keyboard! I too play piano and “lost” my piano a few years ago. I miss having it, especially around the holidays. Love the bracelets, too!! Planning to move to the Grecia area next Summer. Maybe I’ll see them in person then!

    • Yay – love hearing that you’re 1/2 way through my book Cindy! Yep I’m really excited about the keyboard. Hopefully we can meet when you get here next summer! 🙂

  2. Now that is an awesome mixer. I bet it even works better now! I now have my wife reading your book, it should be a best seller soon. 🙂
    PS. Get your husband busy on his book.

    • My mixer DOES work better now! Yay, thanks for reading and having your wife read too!! 🙂 Thanks for leaving me a review on amazon, btw! 🙂 And yes… I just told my dear hubby what you said. Need to light a fire under him. 🙂

  3. Read your book. Great information. The tarantulas scare me! We have been on a one year plan to move to Costa Rica after doing a due diligence tour a year ago. We just can’t get our home to sell:(. You mentioned in your book about using an Aeropostale bag for a purse/bag. I googled it and it just seems like a shoulder bag. I was thinking of a crossbody shoulder bag. Can you clear this up for me. I’m not big on name brand stuff!!! Thanks!

    • Thanks Jeane, I’m IN LOVE with my mixer!! xo (PS – have your bracelets done for you, will hold till I see you in November. Don’t forget!).

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