I Love You, Costa Rica

I think it’s no secret that I love Costa Rica.  Here are just a handful of things I love about this great country: 

The gorgeous central valley, as viewed from my patio (and yes, this is a Poinsettia TREE)!IMG_0396
Coffee fields everywhere!12670870_10206433589333633_473772679538195982_n

How friendly the ticos are!12241415_10205968628869912_1169228980569864552_n

The year-round perfect weather (even in rainy season)!13331144_10207292955457249_107168019201548168_n

The big ‘ole red church in central Grecia!heart

I love how open the ticos are and how they seem to have no reservations about “class lines.” My dentist, my taxi driver, my tour/personal driver, and various restaurant owners – are all people I count among my friends. img_3481

The sunsets are crazy-amazing!IMG_8162

The pharmacies (farmacias) are great – you can obtain most things over the counter without a prescription, and there is almost always at least one doctor on staff.pharm

Fabulous arroz con pollo! This is my go-to dish at most restaurants. arroz

The waterfalls!
The coffee!leche

I love how you can wash dishes with cold water and a special dish-washing soap that cuts the grease. This is my dish washer – he sings while he works, how cute is that?  Also probably doesn’t hurt that there’s a cool sunset out that window almost every night.12745649_10206572130997088_7777969849921321371_n

How they don’t say de nada (you’re welcome) but con mucho gusto (with much pleasure) instead.FullSizeRender-7

How Costa Ricans LOVE to dance and celebrate!FullSizeRender copy

The colorful money!rp_IMG_0265-821x1024.jpg

I love how you can just pick a coconut from a tree, chop off the top with a machete, and drink it!coconut

The HUGE hydrangeas!
Cocoa grows wild here!photo 2

The boxed wine is not bad!  Click here for my boxed white wine review.IMG_1194 Click here for Greg’s boxed red wine review.IMG_1331
Boxed wine is even better in a real glass with a mirador (view)!wine

I love how the elderly, handicapped, and women who are pregnant or have babies are treated here.  They are helped onto the bus, people give up their seats for them, and they go to the front of the line at businesses.  The elderly are revered, looked up to, and taken care of.IMG_7323

The Morpho butterflies!IMG_6127

Coffee plants everywhere!IMG_5028

Monkeys!  There are 4 different kinds of monkeys in Costa Rica, and we have seen all of them. This is the Capuchin (aka white-faced) monkey:DSC_0711

And last but not least – the incredible friends I have here! No picture could capture all of them. 

Costa Rica – I LOVE YOU!  Pura vida!! 

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  1. I cried as I read through this since I feel the same way. Hopefully, for both of us it’s “hasta pronto” rather than “adios”!!! Love you, Jen.

  2. I think you hit all the things I love about Costa Rica – let me add the bus systems, the volcanoes, the empty black sand beaches and all the animal rescue centers throughout the country.

  3. I feel exactly the same, Jen. Also, miss my wonderful dog Dobey who is still lucky enough to be enjoying his life there with loving caretakers.

  4. Love all your post / this one specially hits right on point
    And you are right the list could go on and on etc…
    Pura vida Chica ✌️

  5. Perfect-just a perfect list! Although I have only visited once (for only 2 short weeks) I think you hit on all the things I love about Costa Rica! All the reasons that will bring me back again and again!
    thanks for sharing

  6. Oh Jen, very touching article. I was touched by it and I am so grateful to have met you and visited in your lovely home through your living in Costa Rica. I think “what’s not to love about Costa Rica” sums it up. Be well dear friend.

  7. So beautifully expressed, mi amiga. Of course I cried while reading it, because that’s just what I do these days, but the photos and words capture the essence of the country AND your experience of it. You are blessed, and so are we, your readers, to witness your pura vida life.

  8. Love this post Jen, we didn’t get to spend much time getting to know you’ll but I know kind people when i meet them and i can easily say, we love you both!

    • Nadine! You are so sweet. We feel the same about you guys – we love that you made the move here WITH your kids, and mainly that you are just ENJOYING life so much. Take care and keep on pure-vida-ing! xo

    • Hahaha – well we don’t like or eat ceviche – so that is why it wasn’t listed! lol But there are lots of other things as well, I know – just too many awesome things here. Love your saying miss you soon, see you later. Good seeing you guys Saturday!

  9. My favorite of your blogs yet! I always appreciate your informative blogs, but this one was evidently from the heart, and it also expressed how I feel about Costa Rica — though we don’t even live there yet (but hope to soon). The photos to accompany your points are really nice and a great idea.

  10. Have read two of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you for all your information. Just stumbled across your YouTube and if it is true that you are leaving Costa Rica, I would like to suggest one more blog on your present home there. And maybe some photos. Had always looked forward to your posts. Good luck on your future adventure!

    • Anita – thank you so much, glad you liked the books. And yes – we will be doing a blog (AppalachianTrailTales.com), as well as videos on YouTube. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  11. are you still in costa rica?

    i’ve been trying to convience my husband to up and move too. I’m originally from Carbonal, Grecia :).

    But he doesn’t think he will be able to adapt to the lifestyle.

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