A hot-sauce taste testing!  Something you might be very interested in if you live here (or are visiting), as Costa Rican food tends to be more on the bland side.  Luckily, hot sauce goes with gallo pinto very nicely.

DISCLAIMER: These hot sauces were all taste-tested by Mr. Greg Seymour, who has a very high tolerance for spiciness. When I taste a hot sauce that sets my mouth on fire and my eyes-a-watering, Greg tastes it and says “Huh?  Where’s the fire?  This isn’t hot at all!”  So – you have been warned. These hot sauces are spicy – even the mildest one shown here is pretty spicy – for me, at least.  There are SEVERAL other hot sauces available here in Costa Rica, this is just a small sampling of some of the spicier ones.

Here is the line up of hot sauces that were taste tested:


So, here’s my subject, all blind-folded and ready (wow does he trust me):


So, here is how the hot-sauces ranked.  Keep in mind, that this is Greg – his comments here, are about as descriptive as they were in his Boxed Wine Review:

IMG_4876Greg’s 1st preference choice: “EL ANGEL HABANERO”
Spiciness level: 3 out of 5 (5 being the hottest)
Comments:  “Vinegar-y, salty tasting. Heat comes later!
Really liked the spice level AND the flavor, great combination.
Can I have some more, please?”
Where:  Maxi Pali



IMG_4873Greg’s 2nd preference choice: “LIZANO TABASCO”
Spiciness level:   5 out of 5 (5 being the hottest)
Comments:  “Warm, pretty spicy.
Tastes good.
Hot flavor.”
Where:  Maxi Pali



IMG_4871Greg’s 3rd preference choice: “IGUANA HABANERO PEPPER SAUCE”
Spiciness level:   2 out of 5 (5 being the hottest)
Comments:  “Damn, they all are tasting pretty similar.
Spice level – pretty mild.”
Where:  Maxi Pali




IMG_4877Greg’s 4th preference choice: “BANQUETTE TABASCO”
Spiciness level:   4 out of 5 (5 being the hottest)
Comments:  “Hot! Spice level high.
Definitely spicy.
I like it!”
Where:  Maxi Pali



IMG_4872Greg’s 5th preference choice: “SALSO PICANTE TABASCO”
Spiciness level:   1 out of 5 (5 being the hottest)
Comments:  “Taste vinegary, spice – pretty mild.
I like it, good.”
Where:  Pequeño Mundo




Here Greg is with his “winner”:

Happy hot sauce eating!  Cheers! — Jen

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9 Responses to “HOT” HOT-SAUCE TASTING

  1. Hey Jen and Greg….
    Jesse says, “I was saddened to see that Greg’s all time favorite was not included in the blind taste test. The winner would have had a challenge had the ‘Santa Cruz Chilero Caribeno’ been part of the test.” He continues to say, “It is so good, it even enhances the flavor of gravel.”

  2. Hey Kids,

    I’ve discovered the perfect adult beverage to accompany these tastings:
    Have you tried it yet? It’s super popular down south here. It comes from
    mi chela helada (my super cold beer) and is consumed everywhere. Here goes:

    Rub a lime slice around rim of a tall, chilled glass.
    Dip into either kosher or sea salt.
    Fill 1/2 with ice.
    Squeeze juice of one entire lime over ice.
    Add Imperial to top, and refresh with Imperial until finished.

    Life Altering!! particularly on a hot, sweaty day. Try It!

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