Hiking for FUN

Greg & I had been wanting to get back to hiking ever since he got rid of his cold (he had lots of lingering coughing, so it had been WEEKS since we had last hiked together!). So we had planned on this morning, finally.

We were dressed and ready, water bottle chilling with ice in the freezer, when it start drizzling outside. Oh no. We’re transitioning out of rainy season right now, but we had some hard all-night rains just a couple of nights ago – so you never know – it could start pouring at any moment.  But we decided to go for it. Sun was out, with a few clouds, and it was still lightly misting, but we figured we wouldn’t melt.

We get outside our house and Greg pauses, “Hold on – I gotta start my Garmin watch”.

I was like, “Huh? You’re not timing us, are you? We’re just going for a leisurely haven’t-hiked-in-a-while hike.
No pressure!”

Greg, “Oh right. Yep, I know. But let me just set my timer.”

“OK… but you better not tell me to pick up the pace, or how many miles we’ve gone, or anything like that! I just want to have fun.”

“No problem, babe.”

We start out, the sun and drizzle together feel – well, amazing, really.   We start chit chatting and having a good talk. But I notice Greg is a step ahead of me. Like all the time. I realize he’s trying to PUSH the pace!


I see a cool plant on the side of the road and whip out my ipod to take a quick pic of it.


Greg says, “Hey, come on. We’re on a hike. Let’s get going.”

Me, “Excuse me? What is the rush?”

“Well, my watch is going. No dilly dallying. Come on.”


Sigh… He eventually waits up for me (no way I was picking up MY pace to catch up with him). Next thing I know we see coffee plants, and I’m avidly looking for some red cherries on them (the coffee did not do that well this year, and my friend was just telling me the other day that there was almost NO coffee to be picked!). I fear she may be right… but finally I DID spy some red coffee beans in the “cherry” stage, and I just HAD to take a picture, of course.


Greg was running out of patience. We hiked a bit more, and then I saw the valley, what a great picture!


Greg sighing, “Come ON. No more of this Tom Foolery.
We need to keep hiking and get some good exercise in.”

I’m amazed. When did my husband become so disciplined? And want to work out all the time?

We continue on our hike, over muddy pot holed roads and really steep inclines.  This reminded me a pic my friend Jeni posted the other day, so I had this great idea to try to be like her!   Greg was really happy to pause his hike in order to take this shot of me (he only gave me 1 take instead of the usual 10):

IMG_0379 3We continue on, when suddenly his watch beeps and proclaim we are at the 1 mile mark, right as we approach this slick muddy uphill road. “Jen, come on, that first mile was a bit slow…  we need to get movin!”


Then we come to a little “lake” or river, or whatever you want to call it.  Too much water to hike through.

IMG_0400Luckily there is a little “balance beam” that runs over the river before you get to the lake (how cute is this??):

IMG_0403Throughout our hike, we were sipping from my new Tervis water bottle. This thing kept ice in it all the way till the end of our hour and a half hike!  And was also so easy to carry (for Greg).  Plus it held enough water for both of us.  I love it!!


Oh, and when we were on our way back home, we passed by the new Cuban Restaurant that is going up – should be open by February, and I can’t wait!  A restaurant within walking distance (yes please)!


It sunshin-ed and lightly drizzled for the whole hike – and it was perfectly awesome!

That’s all for now! — Jen
PS – Next time I’m hiding Greg’s watch…

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  1. Buenos dias mi amiga who has easily adapted to Tico time! But Gregorio, we must check on the coffee! I love the water bottle, especially the logo, too cute.

    Have a wonderful day and get to hiding the watch!


  2. I could have totally written this article. Sounds like something my husband would do. He’s a long distance runner so his watch is always running! Great article!

    • Hahaha – too funny, Karen, and yes my husband is a long distance runner (or is from time to time). I’m fine with getting a good work out in, but not the first hike in 3 weeks! I need to work into it slowly… 🙂 Cheers!

      • Yes, hide the watch and enjoy the hike! Also remind him that his legs are much longer than yours, so for every step he takes, you’re taking almost two, therefore getting twice the work-out he is. (Used to work for me (occasionally) with my long-legged husband.) This was a fun read, and much more entertaining con photos, however badly Greg fussed about your stopping to take them. I had a good walk yesterday, too, but forgot to carry sunscreen, so I’m paying for it today! I’m hoping NO ONE is around with a camera until my Rudolph nose goes away!!

        • Excellent point Kathy! I will for sure remind him of twice the workout next time!! 🙂 Sorry about your lack of sunscreen (it’s easy to forget, luckily I put some on for this hike I did!)…

  3. Jen, just reading your blog makes me smile. Also the pictures really add to the story. Now get that husband of yours to get back to writing and taking more great photographs.

  4. Hey, thanks for giving me a shout out! These hills are seriously steep. And yes, hiking IS fun in Costa Rica. Not only do you get an excellent workout, but you also experience the beauty of this country. Today was a great day for butterflies on our local trails, and the wind carried the bird song. Since our trails are more wooded and overgrown than yours, you need bug repellent and long pants and can do without the sunscreen if you have a hat (not to mention a cool personalized water bottle!). And tell Greg: no watch!

    • Are you guys hiking every day? Way to go!! Interesting that it’s more wooded by you and need bug repellent (never do we need but repellent here, thank goodness). Next time I’m hiding his watch, so don’t worry! 🙂

  5. Jen, this sounds like when David and I take a short walk. He, runner with GPS, walks fast. I like to look around, sort of like smell the roses. I can’t keep up with him. His legs are soooooo much longer than mine. We start off well but I sometimes end up going back sooner.

  6. Loved reading about your hiking experience and loved the pictures!!!!!!!!! We’re having fun experiencing life in Costa Rica, aren’t we? Pura Vida!!!!!!

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  8. Hi Jen liked your post very much , it was very nice seeing you guys the other day, if you have a chance go by the house and introduce yourself to the new expats in the block Chris and Carol or maybe you already did , you guys take care.Fidel

    • Hi Fidel – it was great seeing you the other day! We have not met them yet, trying to keep our eyes out for seeing them, will meet then soon. Thanks! 🙂

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