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Well, since I can’t really write a review on Amazon for my hubby’s book, that would look kinda weird (and subjective)… I’ll do a blog post instead!

Greg is now an author, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. When he first came up with the idea to write a guidebook on tips for visiting or living in Costa Rica, I thought it was a great idea. Once he started writing it, I soon discovered it was a better and better idea. This was THE BOOK we were always looking for before we moved here, but could never find!

When we first started researching Costa Rica as a possible place to live, it was really hard to find out the little nuances of really living there – without actually living there.

Sure, there were websites and facebook groups – all of which were helpful to us; but it wasn’t until AFTER we moved here that we REALLY started learning about all the little tips and tricks of the ways things are done here.

Costa Rica IS a foregin country, so of course things are different here.

This book will help you with things like…

  • what to do with toilet paper in most public restrooms…
  • how to not get reprimanded when walking into a bank…
  • what the heck does “con mucho gusto” mean?
  • what is taking the bill so long after I’m done eating in a restaurant?
  • how to easily convert colones to dollars in your head (even non-math people can do this!)…
  • what is the unspoken word by Costa Ricans?
  • how to make lots of money (just kidding)…

If you are planning to move here – you need to read this book. I say this with the utmost confidence that this book will help you!  I am positive there will be stuff in it that you did not know before reading it.  If you disagree, please contact me directly.

If you are planning to visit here – this book will be helpful to you as well! Costa Rica is such a beautiful and kind country, and the better informed you are about it – well, it will just make you look smarter, and who doesn’t want that?

Greg’s e-book is just $3 on amazon:  “Living In and Visiting Costa Rica:  100 Tips, Tricks, Traps and Facts”

Paperback book will be coming SOON, stay tuned!

That’s all for now! Pura vida! – Jen
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  1. Greg,
    I look forward to your book when I can hold it in my hand. I for sure want to read it. Thank you in advance.

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