Grecia to Alajuela Bus Trip

This bus trip is SOOO easy, I feel almost foolish that I haven’t done it before! I tagged along with my pal Debbie (who is also car-less and knows the bus system well).


Purpose for our trip? Well, to go to Pequeño Mundo, of course! Pequeño Mundo is a like a dollar store on steroids. It’s a big warehouse, filled with lots of great deals (ok, most are more than $1, but still). Anything from kitchenware to clothes to candles to to food to lawn equipment and light bulbs. I love Pequeño Mundo, but have only driven there with friends before. I wanted to know how to get there on my own via the bus.

Details:  you leave Grecia from the new bus station, here is the sign by the bus we took, fare was c720 (less than $1.40).  I was slightly jealous of Debbie – her fare was free, as she has the “gold card” (if you are over 65 and have residency here, they swipe your card and you ride for free!).

IMG_5265Trip took about 40-45 minutes, lots of flowers, sugar cane and (dry) fields along the way:


And there is a stop RIGHT at Pequeño Mundo (pull the cord at this sign “Guido” on the left):


I had a few items I was looking for, and found a few additional things as well (they have really good deals on hot sauces that Greg loves).



Then we walked just down the road a ways to El Rey which is another huge warehouse “deal” store…


Then back to in front of Pequeño Mundo to await a bus for Grecia (look for bus that says “Sarchi, Naranjo, Grecia” on it and flag it down). The bus stop is kinda behind some parked cars, so you really need to stand near the street to see the buses in time to flag down the appropriate one.  Debbie thinks they come about every 20 minutes or so.  We must have just missed ours, but another 20 minutes and there was our bus.

ALSO – Debbie told me you can easily walk to Jalapeño’s from here!!   Jalapeño’s Central is an awesome Mexican restaurant owned by Norman Florez, an equally awesome owner/chef.  Directions:  when at Pequeño Mundo, on main road (with Pequeño on your left) – walk down this main road until you get to Café Delicioso and look around. You should be able to see Jalapeño’s kitty corner from Café Delicioso just down a side street a bit. NEXT TIME I’ll bring Greg and that’s where we’ll go! Also there’s a cool book store (mostly English books – new & used) around the corner from Jalapeno’s called Goodlight Books that I need to check out.

All in all, it was super easy, and I’m so glad I know (with confidence) how to get there by bus on my own now.  Thanks Debbie, for showing me the way!
Till next time! — Jen



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7 Responses to Grecia to Alajuela Bus Trip

  1. Ha! I just saw one of these a couple days ago and wondered what it was! Of course my Spanish is bad so I thought it was “little world” and was a place for kids stuff. Llooll. Still learning!

  2. Do you still live in the area? I want to make the trip to Sarchi but am nervous of whether I will make the buses in time tomorrow for Grecia.

      • I am trying to stay in Grecia but my shuttle will take me only as far as International Mall. I am a bit nervous with transferring and timing.

        • You can check out the Facebook group “Costa Rica By Bus”. Also there’s an app for your phone called “Off The Grid” – specifically for Costa Rica bus routes – I’ve tested it and it’s very accurate. Hope that helps! The new bus station in Grecia has all the times listed on the wall (electronically) – the buses run all day into the night.

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