Grecia, Costa Rica – the book

EBOOK FINAL COVERHave you ever wondered about the little coffee-farming town I live in, here in the Central Valley of Costa Rica? Well – wonder no more!  I’ve written a little guidebook to help you navigate around Grecia.

After living here for over 3 years, I discuss what you need to know if you are visiting Grecia – either on vacation, or even if you are thinking about living here one day. 

Whether you want to discover a nearby coffee tour, check out one of Costa Rica’s largest volcanos, shop at the local farmers’ market or just know where to go for a local cup of excellent Costa Rican coffee; this book will help you start your journey in Grecia.

This concise guide also covers:

  • A history of Grecia
  • Transportation guidance
  • Grocery stores and restaurants
  • Day trips, things to do
  • General information and tips
  • Banks, medical facilities, churches
  • Information for relocating here
  • And much more!

I even include a bonus section on tips as to what to expect in restaurants in Grecia, or anywhere in Costa Rica, for that matter. If you are thinking about visiting or living in Grecia, you need this book!

Click here to check the ebook out on Amazon:  Grecia, Costa Rica – A Guide to the Central Valley Town of Grecia.

IMG_0615That’s all for now! Pura Vida! — Jen

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11 Responses to Grecia, Costa Rica – the book

  1. You’ve done it again Jen! I love all my books from you, so this is no surprise! Great information and easy to understand the ins-and-outs of Grecia! I’m living there one day, and I’m taking all this information in!
    Great job!
    Fellow Dallas girl, Melissa

  2. Good for you Jen, I’m sure this too is a great read. What’s best is it is all current information! This too is a must have for someone looking to visit or live in Grecia!

  3. Just bought it! Thanks,it should help me get around when I arrive! I’m sure there are places to explore I have not seen.

  4. I bought the book and read it in one night. I really appreciated all the detailed info. We had visited Grecia in one of our previous visits, but all we knew to do was to walk around the park, church and a few stores near there. This November when we visit, we will plan to go to a few of the restaurants you mentioned and will try to connect with some expats at one of the breakfast and coffee hangouts. Thanks.

  5. Just ordered! We’re trying to decide between Grecia and Atenas. (Also have read “Costa Rica Chica.” 🙂

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