We got hitched!

We got hitched!hitched

Yes – we got married. Again!! Greg and I celebrated 20 years of being married to each other by taking a little trip to Manuel Antonio and doing our own vow renewal. It was lovely, and perfect in every way.  More on the vow renewal in a bit…  Here’s a recap of our trip.

We started the trip by having our friend and driver, the amazing WILSON of Coati Tours pick us up in the morning, and had a huge fun-filled day with him. He took his time on getting us to Manuel Antonio, and along the way we stopped for several cool views:


wilsonHad the BEST slice of mango I’ve ever had at this huge fruit stand called “FRUTERA DON ELIAS”.  Wilson loves the mango ceviche here, and had us try some – but both Greg and I did not care for (very vinegary taste):

IMG_4435Wilson knew where to stop to look for birds – and we saw a toucan(!) and a pair of scarlet macaws (the are always in pairs, mate for life, and can live up to 75 years!) – only one shown here:


These photos courtesy of Costa Rica Curious

pinaHad lunch at El Pelicano in Herradura, and had a moment of silence as we found out that this was where the fated catamaran had taken off from that had sunk last week.

It was a beautiful day while we were there, with a slight breeze from the ocean, and we had a lovely lunch.  Here’s my piná colada with a real flower in it ————->

After lunch, we made a quick stop in Quepos to drop off some of my books (Costa Rica Chica) at Jaime Peligro Book & CD Shop in Quepos.  What a charming little bookstore, and how exciting for me to get my book in an actual BOOK STORE!:

bookstore with bookAnd then we arrived in Manuel Anontio at Arenas del Mar Beach and Nature Resort, here’s the view from our room and a little gift the hotel left us for our anniversary (so nice!!):

wine bottle II The hotel and grounds were amazing – 11 acres of jungle type beach front, 2 private beaches, monkeys and sloths in the trees, and very hilly (but there were golf carts with friendly employees always available to cart us around if needed):

hotelHere’s the two private beaches:

playasWe ate some amazing food:

PicfoodAnd on the 14th, our actual wedding anniversary,  Greg & I exchanged our own vows we wrote for each other – it was amazing and romantic.  Here’s us afterwards (can you see our “newly wed” glow??):

IMG_4400Then, we had a little mini-photo-session on the beach with a perfect sunset:



After our photo shoot, our friends Matt & Jenn of Two Weeks in Costa Rica (they have TWO books out and a blog) drove up to meet us and have dinner at Cafe Milagro (a cute little cafe that just celebrated THEIR 20th anniversary – they shared their sign with Greg & I).  Matt, Jenn & Greg were really happy to find out they had an IPA beer on tap!  We had a really fun and relaxed evening with them.


 On our last day, we had a yummy breakfast.  This white fruit is guanabana – tasted like a sour apple candy, we both liked it.  And here’s a pic of Greg’s breakfast – gallo pinto, eggs over medium, corn tortilla, fried cheese and plantain.


However, we also had a few “glitches” on this trip….  Greg went for a swim in the ocean with his wallet (luckily everything dried out fine, including the colonés!).  Greg stepped on a horrid unseen stick on the beach and tore a huge gash in his foot (they had great first aid on staff who took care of him!).  And I ripped a strap on my dress – right before we were ready to take pictures on the beach:


And then after we got home, I had a scary 12 hours.  When I unpacked – I couldn’t find my diamond engagement ring anywhere!   I looked through everything 10 times, contacted the hotel and our driver, and basically just felt terribly sick to my stomach the whole night. What can be said about a girl, who on her 20th wedding anniversary goes and loses her diamond engagement ring???

However, crisis was averted – I found it the next morning (was tangled in a pair of earrings I had unpacked and forgot about)!!! Whew. I could now work on this blog and go back to enjoying my 20th wedding anniversary trip, without the sickening ending I was starting to envision.

Pura Vida friends! –Jen
PS – here’s a little map of where Manuel Antonio is compared to Grecia, where we live:
MA map

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  1. Congrats again on your Anniversary! Looks like you had an amazing trip and the vow renewal was the icing on the cake!

  2. Congratulations – and what a wonderful way to spend your anniversary!!! My husband and I were there in October – in Manuel Antonio – we stayed at Costa Verde and walked down the hill to the beach – just about the same spot where you were! Isn’t it gorgeous there?!? We just absolutely loved it – looking to follow your life’s journey footsteps some day!! XO – Congrats again, and enjoy!!

  3. Thanks, dear Jen and Greg, for sharing the love and fun you two have created together! I love having a peek into your new life in Costa Rica. Living vicariously through you…I thought we would end up in Costa Rica, and being neighbors with The Chica, was a beautiful dream of mine! However, we have ended up on the Eastern Shores of Mobile Bay, in sweet little town called Daphne (near Fairhope, which is even sweeter, but much more pricey!) and only 40 minutes away from the white sands of the Gulf Shores. (Called the Redneck Riviera!). But a vacation to Costa Rica is in the planning stages, and I will bring my book for a personal signing with my social media friend, “The Chica”! Love you Jen. Your person and your spirit! Pura Vida forever! Val

    • Aw, what a super nice comment to read Valerie! I feel like we’ve met already. Would love to meet you when you come here, and of course sign your book for you! Looking forward to it! Cheers! — Jen

  4. Congratulations….and I’m very glad you found your ring. As a husband, I know know Greg’s life would NOT have been good had you not found your ring. I know that was a tremendous relief on your part, too! We have been to Costa Rica about 4 times…and are strongly considering it or Equidor to live for 2 years after I retire. I really enjoy your blog.

    • Yep… nothing like totally stressing out after a wonderful trip. But then everything was fine once I found it! Thank you for following my blog!

  5. Lovely Blog Jen. Saw Greg at the Feria and he told us about the hotel and the wonderful time you guys had. It was extra special. You guys have the best times and it’s so good for you to share your adventures with everyone.
    Amor mi amigos

  6. Great, short romance novel Jen! So happy for you and Greg. Reminds me of the country song that talks about “having the time of our lives”! Such a gift from God that you two are able to enjoy so much of all life, and especially Costa Rica, has to offer while you are still young enough to enjoy it!

    Questions: Everything sounded fun, but I’m curious if the flower on your drink was edible. I learned a few years ago that many times the ones served on food or in drinks can be eaten and are quite sweet. (who knew? :/ )

    Congratulations on the book making it into an “actual” bookstore! Go Jen! (I’m almost done with the book btw and still enjoying it immensely. I will give you my review when I’ve completed it.

    I’m sure that was a sad moment at Herredura. Did they ever find the missing crew member?

    So glad all the problems were averted (except you must not have had a travel sewing kit to mend your dress… 🙁 ….but I loved the outfit you had on in the pics anyway! Had a few close calls like that with my wedding ring…so I was feeling those emotions!

    Blessings to you for arriving at the 20 year mark more in love than ever, it would appear…..and double blessings for another 60 at least!

    • Thank you Jeanie! I did not attempt to eat the flower, so I don’t know. I look forward to hearing your review of my book (and perhaps you could post a review on amazon, too? I would so appreciate!). Don’t know about the missing crew member. Nope – I did not have a sewing kit, and amazingly enough the hotel did not either, nor did they have a safety pin! Cheers!

  7. Just across the road at the foot of the bridge you took to walk to the Mall at Cariari is where I stay when I am in the San Jose area – the Adventure Inn. If you have friends who want to stay near San Jose and aren’t sure what to do, the Inn has an extensive list of tours and adventures. Plus, the rates are reasonable for the area and the staff is very nice. You can rent cars and cell phones thru them at a discount as well.

  8. I was left wondering about the driver. Did he stay as well?
    Did he return to drive you back? How much does that cost?
    We’re starting off on our adventure – vagabonding – in 2 weeks. We’re going to Ecuador first. Hope to get to CR someday.
    Thanks for sharing your blog!

    • Hi Merril! The driver did not stay, and we paid per day (there was actually a different driver from their company that drove us back after our stay). We paid per day – but because it was further away (and the driver had to return or spend the night), the price was higher – $190 each way. However, when we’ve had just a day trip with same company, it’s only been $90 (to San Jose and back, etc.). The driver will stop anywhere you want on the way (grocery store, lunch, etc.). As this was our 20th anniversary, we splurged on this (not something we would normally do, for sure!)! Where I mention Wilson on the blog (2nd para) – you can click on the link and it will take you to his website – feel free to contact them with any questions – super nice people!

  9. Dear Jen and Greg, muchas felicitaciones!!!!!!! in your 20th anniversary!!!! many blessings and many more years together!!!!
    that fruit stand looks amazing!!! so yummy it made my mouth water. You look like a very lovely couple, so sweet and romantic.What a nice trip! Thank you Jen for sharing it with us.
    Wishing you always the best!!

    • Exactly, exactly Carole Jean! I couldn’t even THINK of writing this blog post or our “happy honeymoon” until the ring was found, for sure! Thank you!!

  10. Awww thanks for the shout out, Jen! Was really great seeing you guys and being able to be part of your special day. That was such a nice dinner; we had a great time. So glad you found your ring. That is the worst feeling ever!

  11. Congrats Jen! So nice to hear about your trip. The pics are wonderful and my husband and I can hardly wait to see it for ourselves. We share an anniversary date, Jan.14th, and we just celebrated our 26th. Hopefully our 27th will be there! Take care and thank you for a wonderful blog!

  12. congratulations on your second honeymoon wishing you the best no wonder we did not see you guys this time we arrived back to Miami last night see you next time take care Fidel.

  13. Hi Jen! First time post to your blog, just finished your book, loved it, couldn’t put it down once I started! My son and I are headed down the first week of April, to celebrate our birthdays (16th & 20th). It’s kind of a “shopping trip” for me, to see if Costa Rica would be in my stars for retirement in a few years. Maybe we could stop by and say hi! Thanks for the great book!

    • Hi Toni! So glad to hear you enjoyed my book! I really love hearing that, so thanks for telling me. Would love to meet (I responded to you by email as well). 🙂

  14. Hello Jen sorry to bother you George my brother in law has been trying to get a hold of Justa to see how Steve is doing but no response can you find out if you can and let us know the last I heard when we were there was the day the ambulance came and he was at the Hospital George has been texting her but no response.


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