Where to get FREE e-books!

So, have y’all heard of something called a Library?  This answer was so blatant and staring me in the face, I never even thought of it.

Right before our big move to Costa Rica, I went to visit my Mom in my teeny tiny hometown in Wisconsin. She had recently gotten an iPad, and asked me to help her with “reading books from her library”, among other things.

amazon-kindle-appThat first night I was there, we started going over some basic things on her iPad – she’s a quick learner, and picked up things in no time.  And then, she asked me about the library thing again.  I started looking at…. and the more I looked, I realized she could indeed log into her library, find an e-book she wanted, download it, it somehow went to her Kindle App on her iPad (wifi is amazing isn’t it?), and then she could go there and read it!

I was amazed. She started telling me about all the books she could get, including current books that were out – all for FREE. She told me sometimes you had to put them on “hold”, if they were popular and lots of people were reading them (what do you know, just like a real LIBRARY!)… but then the library emailed her when they were available.

Wow. I was amazed. My Mom was so hip!


Me & my hipster Mom (isn’t she cute??)

So, when I got back home to Dallas, I told Greg about this, and we promptly took a trip to the local library. We were living with his parents at the time, in a suburb of Dallas, and this suburb had it’s own library – just down the street from us. We could have walked there (but didn’t – I mean we still had a car at this point, come on!).

It was so simple I couldn’t believe it. We walked in, told them we wanted to register for their library, showed them our licenses (we had just renewed, so reflected Greg’s parents address), filled out a form, and they gave us each a card.

Then I asked super casually if they had an e-book program (the only thing we were really there for),  and the librarian slipped us a pamphlet that told us how to log in online with our library card numbers and passwords.

I went home, logged onto my computer (like, right away) – and WOWZA – it worked!   Yep, I downloaded my first free book from the library to my KINDLE APP on my iPad mini. So cool. It gave me 14 days to read it (no problem with me), and I was in heaven. What could be cooler than free cool stuff?

Sure, Costa Rica has libraries (biblioteca’s)…   In fact I just heard the other day, that even my little town of Grecia, has a library.  I have not checked it out yet, but I heard they have a small English book section. These English books were mostly donated by Gringo’s (in fact, if any of you Grecia Gringo’s want to donate your paper books to them, they will gladly accept them). But alas, they do not have an e-book program, and if they did, I’m sure it would be mainly Spanish books.

I’m quite happy with my “library” these days. It has MOST of the books I search for to read.  If not, I occasionally treat myself to something on amazon, but very rarely.  This has helped me to simplify my life when moving here to Costa Rica,  – and this is all THANKS TO MY MOM!  Love you, Mom.


Ciao for now! — Jen (happily reading for free in paradise)….




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6 Responses to Where to get FREE e-books!

  1. Thank so much Jen, I will do the same before we will move.
    Nothing better to curl up with a good book on rainy afternoons

  2. Jen, I am with you part way. My public library here in Evanston Illinois has anE- Lending program.
    It is difficult to set up and one has to get on a waiting list for popular titles. Then it disappears in 2 weeks, finished or not. With time, the kinks
    will be worked out for sure. But for now, I read free samples from Barnes/Noble and if I like, i buy.
    We can do this from CR with any WiFi. It’s not expensive..I’m a slow reader! I also get papers, magazines Etc. Really like the EReader!

    • Man, sorry it was so difficult to set up… Yes, my library only allows for 2 weeks as well, then it disappears (but you can borrow again, of course), I always have it read in this time frame though.

  3. If (like me) you don’t have access to any US library, there are several online sites to get free books. BookBub is just one. Google for them. I get (and read) about two books per day. Heaven on my kindle.

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