Éclairs and Italian Food…

Well, today was an excellent day!  I did 2 things today (yep, that’s it, but they were cool things):

#1:  I made my Éclairs – which I’ve been wanting to try here in Costa Rica.  I had to substitute a few ingredients, and I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out.  Plus I wanted to do a “trial run” (Greg LOVES when I do a trial run) before making them tomorrow for our friends Jim & Nancy (anniversary) and our friends Jeanie & Mark (welcome back treat!).




I had to watch the pastries closely while they baked, and learned a few tricks to try next time, but all in all – they turned out muy bueno!   Especially for having a “miniature” oven with no degrees on it –   just “medium, high, bake & grill” settings.



Hubby tasted and approved.  😉




#2:  We had an awesome dinner date with our friends Helen & Charles for this afternoon/evening – a special ITALIAN dinner event at Isabel’s – prepared by Isabel and her catering friend, Joyce.  Reservations were made last week – and they just BARELY squeezed us in (mainly because our friends KNOW Isabel, and she was kind enough to make room for us!).  Helen & Charles picked us up, and dinner was served early at 3 (you gotta be able to enjoy the view!  …with the sunset at 5:30 it gets dark early here!).  It was…  AMAZING.  Such a good time with friends, met some new people, and the Italian food and view was superb!!



Chef Joyce.


Italian Salad


Cannelloni (SO GOOD!)


Cheesecake and coffee.

So, that’s all for now folks!  I am still stuffed & off to bed shortly!

Peace! — JenJen

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    • Emily – this place “Isabel’s” is up the road on the next ridge over (San Luis). Do you know how to get there? We went down our Cajon road, and then then turned left on a “cut through” road to the San Luis ridge… then went up for a ways… Restaurant is on left hand side of that road.

        • No, not walking distance… 🙁 Our awesome friends have a car, and picked us up – it’s quite a ways down the Cajon road, then across to San Luis ridge, and then quite a ways up the San Luis road… Although by car (from our road – Matapalo – which is further up than you on the Cajon road) it probably only took 10 minutes. You could probably get a taxi for not too much, maybe?? Open only on fri nights, saturday (all day) and sunday brunch.

    • Oops – Isabel’s is not open tonight. Only friday and saturdays from 3 – 9 and Sunday for brunch. So sorry – and hope I caught you in time! 🙁

      • You did. The Galleria was closed as well (closed only one Wednesdays, go figure!). We ate at the little restaurant on the corner near the bus station. Still had a good time! Thanks.

        • Wow! Wednesdays not good nights for restaurants, huh? Well, glad y’all had a good time with your dad on his last night (not sure what restaurant you’re talking about, but I’m sure it was good!)…. There’s also an italian place (Mundo Pizza, I think) I’ve been wanting to try (chef is Italian!), not far from bus station (of course that’s not authentic costa rican food, though… lol). 🙂

          • We’ve been to Mundo Pizza a few times… just got pizza every time. It’s very thin crust, pretty good. I prefer my own pizza, though. 😉 I bet the other dishes are good, especially if the chef is Italian. It’s a nice place to go for lunch, sit by the entrance, and people watch.

  1. Emily – Thanks for the review on Mundo – we will be trying it sometime. Although, YOUR pizza DOES sound better!!! Do you use yeast in your crust when you make it homemade, and if so – where do you get it (Maxi Pali)??

    • I looked in Maxi Pali for yeast last night and couldn’t find it… but it should be there. I pick mine up from the Peri, across from the mercado in the center of town.

  2. For my crust, I use a friend’s recipe: 1 tbsp yeast, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 cups warm water.. sit for 5 minutes and add 1 tbsp salt, add flour and knead until stretchy but not sticky. (Makes 2 thick crust pizzas). Good for calzones and rolls as well.

    • Excellent – gracias! I will copy this down and try sometime. I’ve been in the Peri, too. Now… to find a pizza pan that doesn’t cost a fortune (the Maxi had one, but pricey!)… may have to bring some from the US when we go back mid-September. Thanks, girl!

  3. Oh, let rise in bowl for 30 mins, spread onto greased baking sheet, let rise another 15 min, add sauce & toppings, bake at 425 F for 20-25 min. =)

  4. YUMMM!!! Ahhh – the art of improvising in Costa Rica!! I was JUST up your way last night & a few people were talking about Isabel’s restaurant! Do you have any details on it??

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