Dentist in Costa Rica

What is it like to go to the dentist in Grecia, Costa Rica?IMG_6385

Well… it’s actually all smiles.

Our friend Debbie recommended and gave us a business card for a dentist in Grecia, when we first moved here back in June, 2013. We didn’t have a need for a dentist right then, but kept her card for future use. Several weeks later, a woman who was staying at the property we were at came down with severe pain in her mouth. I promptly handed her the business card I had for Dr. Rebeca Perez of SMILES Dentistry, she called to schedule an appointment, and Dr. Rebeca spoke with her and told her to come in later that day.

The next day our neighbor-friend was totally raving about Dr. Rebeca – said she was amazing and wonderful, hummed while she worked and NO PAIN (key words, for me). Dr. Rebeca totally fixed our friend’s problem and made her a happy, smiley camper.

I remembered all of this, and waited until Greg and I were ready to have our teeth cleaned. Shortly after I made our back-to-back appointments, I had a tooth that started giving me a little pain. This was odd – as I never have problems with my teeth, but hey I had already scheduled our cleanings with the dentist – perfect timing.

That morning we arrived on time and Dr. Rebeca and her assistant were there to usher us in. Dr. Rebeca has a very small space – enough for two patients, a small reception desk and a little room off to the side.  This is the entrance hallway outside of her office:


She started on me with my cleaning, and I must say it was a pleasurable experience. Odd words to describe my time at the dentist’s office, huh? The problem I was having, turned out to be a filling on an existing cavity I had that was coming a little loose.

Dr. Rebeca asked me: “We can take care of this right now, if you want. I have time. Ready?”

I stuttered and stammered “Um, I guess, okay….” and she was poised with the Novocain needle before I knew what was happening!

IMG_6386I immediately tensed up when I saw “THE NEEDLE” and promptly looked away, as is my practice with all things needle. I am very needle-paranoid (yes, I know, along with tarantulas and cockroaches… what a mess I am).

I was anxious and griping my arms rests – but Dr. Rebeca either ignored me or had lots of experience with the likes of someone like me. She distracted me by massaging my gums and humming (on key!) to the overhead music. She is totally confident and good at what she does, and I must admit that I really didn’t feel the needle go in at all!  Besides being an excellent dentist, Dr. Rebeca is sweet and young and smart and beautiful and sings and speaks perfect English.

Soon after “the needle” part was done, I became numb, and the rest was a breeze. I didn’t feel a thing! It did not seem to take her that long either.

Cleanings which include a check up are c35,000 (about $70). White fillings start at c19,000 (about $38), depending on filling size.  She’s located in the block just West of the Musmanni Panadaria, right side of road,  2nd level.

Oh, and after my needle session, my sweet hubby insisted that he treat me to a chocolate shake from POPS. Sweet!  I wasn’t going to turn that down!

IMG_6614Cheers and smiles! — Jen
PS – Dr. Rebeca phone #2494-5889

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  1. Another top notch post, we had a great experience with the good doctor. No need to look any further in Grecia ………check

  2. We just heard about Dr. Rebeca and will be going to her (eventually). Great read your post. I love that picture of you with the milkshake — I can tell your mouth is still numb – haha!!

  3. This was really informative, but a LOT of work!! We are from Canada and are interested (in about 10 years) in retiring to Costa Rica. Do we contact the Costa Rican consulate in Canada for more information? Would like to get this done within the next 5 years, so our move will be without “headaches”. Thanks again for your “information blogs”! Sue

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