Greg and I do not dance… at all. But we were told about this dancing place by a couple of people, and definitely wanted to check it out (or at least I did) – just to people watch and have a good time. So, we went on Sunday with our friends Beverly & Ed.

What a blast! The place is locally referred to as “La Piscina” (meaning “the pool” – which is next to it and has been empty for years).  It was almost all Ticos (we were 4 of the 5 Gringos there), it was outdoors but covered, a live band, all Latin music, smiles everywhere. The band was really good – both music and singing wise. There was a huge space for dancing in front of the band, and then tons of tables beyond the dance floor.

There seemed to be one guy running around, waiting on the whole group. Three at our table ordered an Imperial, and I ordered a “vino blanco”. He came back with 4 Imperials.


Costa Ricans really know how to dance, that’s all I have to say.
FullSizeRender copy

Beverly was a hit – tons of men knew her and asked her to dance, and she had a ball – plus she’s a really good dancer!, and super cute.

Beverly kept asking Greg if he would dance. He responded with an emphatic “NO” every time.

Here’s Bev and Ed:
FullSizeRender-3Beverly asked Greg if he would be mad at her if she forced him to dance. He said she could not force him.

Here’s a snippet from the main dance floor:

My hubby finally conceded to a slow dance with me, which was really nice (we danced away from the main group):


Then at the end of the night, Greg said “OK, Beverly, come on – let’s go”. She was like “WHAT??? Greg is going to dance with me??” The look on her face was priceless. It was great – they had so much fun, both of them laughing and huge smiles the whole time. Thank you Beverly, for showing my hubby a good time. And thanks Greg for letting go and having fun.

 When: Sundays from 2-5
Location: Behind the La Bodequita del Mojito (see pic below) in Grecia
Cost: c2,000 at the door
Note: there is no wine served, but lots of cerveza!

FullSizeRender-2That’s all for now! — Jen
PS – A LOT of these photos:  are all credit of Ed (thanks Ed!!)
PPS – Mom – can’t wait to take you here when you visit!!


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14 Responses to Dancing!

  1. I went there before and I am not a dancer either, however, I ended up dancing with lots of guys and got quite a workout! It was a lot of fun! One guy told me that the people just go there to dance and they don’t care how old you are (I saw kids about 7 years to people in their 80’s) or what you do for a living-they just want to dance!

    • Yeah – so glad you’ve been too. Totally agree – it was so unpretentious, nothing but smiles and a good time. I loved it!

  2. Hi Jen,

    I love dancing!!! it is one of my favorite things to do!!! I can see you guys had a lot of fun!! and the latin music is just so good that invites you to dance when you hear it. Wish I could be there!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Hasta la proxima aventura!!

    • Awesome, Regina! Definitely the Latin music is hard to not be happy about, especially when you see all these Ticos having SUCH a good time dancing and chatting. 🙂

  3. Looks like everyone had a delightful time! I love to dance (not that I know how). It just seems like such a good energy lifter and good exercise too! I’m really glad Greg hit into it! Thanks so much for the pics.

    • It was really a great time, Irma. And this place was so cool, no one cares if you don’t know how – everyone was just having a good time. It was contagious.

  4. Better than Dancing With The Stars!!! That couple w/lady in striped dress
    was fabulous. And you two Fred and Gingered nicely also. Kudos!

  5. This is just beautiful to watch! It reminds me of the old time Grange Hall community dances. Real people just trying to connect with each other. Love it!

  6. I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job keeping up your blog. Just knowing that you and Greg are out there still enjoying the life that you have carved out for yourselves in Costa Rica makes me feel better about life! Thanks!

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