Costa Rica’s unusual bonus deals!

So, in the US, you know how stores sometimes have “special bonus” deals with certain products?…  like:

–Buy a can of shaving cream and get a FREE RAZOR to go with it!

–Buy a bottle of Shampoo, and get a bottle of Conditioner for FREE (savings of $6!!)!

–Buy bottle of Sunscreen and get a FREE lipgloss tube (with SPF 15) to go with it!

They are usually always pre-packaged by the manufacturer, and of course there’s a sign on the packaging that tells you all about the GREAT DEAL you are getting.   Actually, it’s a great marketing tool, and the “bonus deal” you get always compliments the product they are trying to sell (I know what you’re saying…  “Well, duh…”.   But, stay with me).

Well, here in Costa Rica, there’s no marketing or pre-thought out plans for bonus deals.   HOWEVER, if they happened to have excess of any one product that they need to give away, they just take some clear packing tape and slap it on to…  well, just about anything – it never makes any sense, and doesn’t go with the main product at all…  like:


I’m using “Head and Shoulders” because I have a dandruff problem, but oh wait –
I get a FREE RAZOR with it – to what?  Shave my head with? 
(I must note that disposable razor blades are super expensive here,
so this really IS a great deal, regardless).


Ah, a free Christmas tree ornament – just what I wanted to um, look at, 
while sitting on the toilet…  


And, another thing I like to contemplate while sitting on the shitter – doing dirty laundry.
(I’m starting to think that the “toilet paper 4-roll” item is just an easy thing for them to tape ANYTHING to… ) 


A package of Salt with Vegetable Oil…  this is actually not too far out there…  
I mean, I usually DO use salt when cooking with vegetable oil.  


A free Glade plug-in with a can of RAID – THIS one actually makes sense!  
It’s like bringing a bouquet of flowers to the roaches  funeral.
Plus the Glade plug-in’s are pretty pricey here – so this one is actually a GREAT deal,
and one that makes perfect SCENTS!  🙂

Also, when you see a deal like this – you need to scoop it up right away, because more times than not – it’s just a one-item deal (i.e. – there’s only ONE can of Raid with this bonus Glade-plug-in gift, all the other cans of Raid on this shelf are by there lonesomes).

Cheers! — Jen

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  1. Many thanks for your candid and accurate perceptions of life in Costa Rica. My son and i moved here almost seven years ago and we, too, continue to enjoy all the splendiferous magic afforded us by living in paradise. We also moved here from texas – Flower Mound. if ever in the Puriscal area (the mountains) give us a shout.


    Pura vida,

    Skeeter Coleman

    • Awesome Skeeter! So glad you and your son are here and enjoying as well. Will definitely give you a shout if we ever get to that area (without a car, it seems like little trips are taking us forever to put together! ha). Thanks for reading, Jen

  2. Hola chica, another great observation……….by the way”shitter”…………that sounds more like greg than you…….just sayin……jajaja

    • BAHAHAHA Jim….. ah, you know me well. Yes, that was G’s contribution, and he had to totally convince me to even put it in there! It was even hard for me to TYPE a naughty word… lol

  3. Jen Jen… some interesting pairings, for sure. Be extra careful with the tampon taped to the hot sauce.

    Have a wonderful day in paradise.


    • I know Connie! I’m working on loosening up a little though, and it was funny, so…. 🙂 When Greg was working on convincing me to use it, I was like “but I’ve NEVER called it that, even in my head without saying it out loud!” lol

  4. I laughed out loud when you said “sitting on the shitter” thinking about doing laundry!” That’s for when you don’t make It to the shitter possibly???!!!

    Haha! Great deals, and good to know!

    Miss ya!

  5. I know! I am a total sucker for BOGO or these “bonus” deals. But, buyer beware. I’ve seen these package deals priced HIGHER than if you purchased individually. Also, have you noticed that Coke Light costs more than regular Coke?
    Bonus: keeps those brain cells active.

    • Ah, I will have to be on the look out for the higher priced ones… Yes – have totally seen that Coke Light is MORE than regular Coke… (slso – the Coke here has real cane sugar in it, did you know that?). 🙂

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