Ode To Costa Rican Sidewalks

Jen be nimble
Jen be quick
Jen jump over
The pothole pit

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The above picture is not doctored – it is really me, jumping over a very real pothole on a sidewalk in the town of Grecia, just yesterday.  

I know I look quite agile here, but I was really pretty cautious (and perhaps just a wee bit scared).  Look how deep this hole is, you could seriously hurt yourself if you weren’t looking where you were going:

Potholes and uneven sidewalks are a very real thing here.  

A year ago one of my friends in a nearby city accidentally stepped in a hole, broke her ankle, and was laid up for months while it healed.  I just heard from another friend, who fell and tore several ligaments in her arm, and has to be in a sling now for a couple of weeks.

I’ve fallen before, myself, shortly after first arriving in Costa Rica (click here for my –> “trip to the pharmacy“) and have been very careful ever since, along with Greg being very worried about me.  When you see us walking in town holding hands all the time – it’s not just because we’re in love.

So remember, while walking around Grecia – look down, at all times!  

That’s all for now! — Jen  

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14 Responses to Ode To Costa Rican Sidewalks

  1. Pavlova of the Pavement!! Look at the muscle definition in front leg!
    At least you came to CR while you were still mobile…A friend of mine
    invited his girlfriend to visit from Houston, and on first day, she fell
    and broke her leg in 3 places. Then they broke up…
    I pity our handicapped residents.
    Stay on the good foot,
    Carol Vaughn

  2. Yes, looking down is a great idea. In Liberia one has to watch out for missing water meter covers as most of them have been pilfered for their scrap value. It’s a real game of hop scotch!

  3. Thanks for the timely reminder since we will be there next week!!! One hole was so big I thought if my father-in-law fell in we would lose him!!! Lol

  4. My girlfriend came for a visit a couple years ago, fell on the first day, broke ankle in two places. She went back to Florida and they had to do surgery with pins. She had to wait two weeks before the surgery for the swelling to subside. She was wearing flip flops and I warned her not to. I never wear flip flops in town.

    • Oh my, that is awful Sandra! Greg always yells at me for wearing flip flops too, I need to wear my tennis shoes or crocs instead from now on!

  5. From one klutz to another, I can identify with your episode. On my first visit to Costa Rica with my daughter, we were walking down the street in Puerto Viejo after having dinner one evening. Of course I was looking all around (except where I was walking)and had just commented about all the geckos on the side of a building when I stepped on the edge of a pothole & hit the ground. It had rained that afternoon and the pothole was filled with water plus Puerto Viejo’s black sand. Hurt like the dickens, and once I got up my white shorts were only white on one side and my knee was really roughed up. Like you, probably would have cried except there were some people around who saw the fall. I think it was a month after returning home before all the embedded sand finely worked its way out of my knee. I’ll have to admit on our second visit I fell once again. Did I mention I’m a klutz? Okay, by the 3rd visit I finally learned to watch where I was walking (but you don’t get to see as much that way)!

    Just want to mention how much I enjoy your blog because I miss Costa Rica so much. And you’re right, the people there are wonderful.

    • Oh my, you have really been through it! I’m so sorry to hear about your falls… Being a klutz isn’t easy, is it? Thanks so much for following my blog! πŸ™‚

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