Here’s a few things in Costa Rica that may at first be confusing or surprising to Expats/Gringos:

Various uses of ladders without a second thought (Costa Rica is not a litigious country):

ladder II collage

Signs as a whole are not prevalent in Costa Rica, but when you do see them, there may be some confusion:


This bridge is heavily traveled every day, and has a sign on either side of it telling you basically that the bridge is in very bad condition.  But, interestingly enough, not preventing you from crossing it – so basically it means “go over this bridge at your own risk”:

bridge collage

It is not unusual to see a motorcycle with a whole family riding on it, including toddlers.  This picture shows 4 people: 2 adults, 1 child (in front), and a toddler on the mom’s hip, but we have seen as many as 6!

4 peeps on moto 2 ad, 2 kids

They say everything is bigger in Texas?  Not true.  Look at the size of these flowers (or trees, in the case of the poinsettia) in Costa Rica!!


Canna picture courtesy of Judith Donovan

Confusing speed limits – one speed going one way, another going the other way – at the exact same place in the road:

speed limit

Picture courtesy of Geraldine Atchison

Scene from the back of a garbage truck. This is typical for Costa Ricans – no matter what they are doing, they always seem to be HAPPY.  How great is that?

garbage collage

Pictures courtesy of Trixie Krommer

Christmas is taken very seriously here.  A very holy holiday, but also the most celebrated.  This is the back of a motorcycle we spied traveling down the highway – I love that Jesus AND Santa are a part of this manger scene:

manger with no plate

Breast feeding in Costa Rica is totally normal, there is no self consciousness about it.  Women do it everywhere, and people don’t stare at them or act weirded-out by it:


Electric clothes dryers are not the norm.  This is how Ticos (and myself) use what I call the “solar dryer”:

solar dryer

And on the flip side, here’s a few things in the United States that may at first be confusing or surprising to Costa Ricans/Ticos:

Spaghetti junction highways and multiple lane highways everywhere:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.20.29 AM

Dogs on leashes and parks made especially for dogs:


Airports so huge there are underground trams to take you to different terminals and electric walkways to transport you to your gate:


The high prices of bananas and pineapples:

bananas pineapple

Totally private breast feeding stations:

Electric light rails in bigger cities:


Very small poinsettia plants,  only for sale in stores at Christmas time (and not grown naturally):


And last but not least, SNOW!


That’s all for now, folks!  — Jen

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