Chica Bands review & free giveaway!


OK mi amigas, here is my very 1st blog review and free giveaway!

I’m excited about it, because I’ve worn Chica Bands for some time now, and given them as gifts to my friends, and I LOVE THEM.  My friends LOVE THEM.  Why, you ask?  This is no “normal” headband, for one – it really and truly DOES NOT MOVE.  That’s right, folks.  Even while you are running, tumbling, playing soccer, baking, cleaning house (you get the point).  Seriously – you put it on, and it holds your hair back and STAYS IN PLACE.  Whether you are sweating up a storm, or sprinting like mad… or just going out to dinner with friends.  They have TONS of super cool and cute designs that are stylish too.  I’ve worn them working out, and I’ve worn them out on the town!   Now that I live in Costa Rica – I wear them ALL THE TIME for hiking, after a shower while my hair is drying, or just hanging out…  they are just the best!  What can be better than a super cute AND functional headband??


Flower Child Lavender Gold Chica Band


Glittery Skinny Sparkalicious Chica Band


Another hair style with the Glittery Skinny Sparkalicious Chica Band

chica band blue 10K

Glittery Skinny Azul Chica Band (at a 10K race with my beloved, in Dallas)


Hiking in Costa Rica – with my “Flower Child – Pink, Aqua” Chica Band

chicaband tammy

2 chica bands – Glittery Skinny Pinkalicious and Black.

So…  now for the best part – the FREE GIVEAWAY– all you have to do to enter to win a 2-pack of FREE Chica Bands, is:

  1.  Go to the Chica Bands Facebook Page (click here!!) and state the following in a post:
  2. “I found you on the blog site.”

Do it!  And I hope you win!  You will LOVE these Chica Bands, as I and my friends have!

Peace out! —  JenJen

PS – Giveaway only open to peeps with a US mailing address.

PPS – They also have “chicita” bands – for little girls!  🙂

NOTE:  This giveaway is now closed.  The lucky winner of my Blog and Giveaway is Karen E. Riedel Moreau!  Karen wins a 2-Pack of super cute, super fabulous Non-Slip Chica Bands Headbands! Congrats Karen!


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