Where to get FREE e-books!

So, have y’all heard of something called a Library?  This answer was so blatant and staring me in the face, I never even thought of it.

Right before our big move to Costa Rica, I went to visit my Mom in my teeny tiny hometown in Wisconsin. She had recently gotten an iPad, and asked me to help her with “reading books from her library”, among other things.

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How I get my morning cup of joe

It’s coffee picking season here in Costa Rica!  Coffee is one of Costa Rica’s main exports – 90% of Costa Rica’s coffee is exported.  This time of year, which is the dry season (otherwise known as “summer”), you will start seeing trucks full of coffee pickers on the roads going up the mountain ridges – very early in the morning (before I’m up) and back down in late afternoon.  When Greg & I hike, we can tell it’s coffee picking season, as all the coffee plants have bright red, glossy “cherries” on them – and this is the perfect time for them to be picked.

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Trip to the Farmacia

Well, today was too funny to NOT blog about.  We got a ride into town today with Richard (our fabulous landlord), and we had 3 destinations in mind:  get local cell phone sim cards (for our iPhones), get a loaf of good Italian bread at a local panaderia (bakery), and go to a Farmacia (pharmacy) to see if they had any advice for my bug/spider bite.  First stop:  Farmacia.

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