A Day in the Life of Living in Grecia, Costa Rica

cover grecia

So you’ve heard that living in Costa Rica is perfect, like being on a permanent vacation? Well, I’m here to keep it real. Here’s an example of what it takes to live here – or of what can happen occasionally. Sometimes every day.

This is a true story, and is pretty much a combo of “tico time” + “pura vida” + just plain real living in Costa Rica.

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Project August

project august

Lately, Greg & I have seemingly been so busy, we were having trouble finding time to just sit down and work on projects that we wanted to focus on. Don’t get me wrong – retirement has been great – but we are still young(ish) and our minds are always going with ideas of things we want to do, work on, or accomplish still.

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Spanish – poco a poco

First of all – check out my NEW SUPER CUTE LOGO in the above photo!  I’m loving it!  (See PS note below)…

OK, back to my post….  When we made the decision to move here, Greg and I started taking private Spanish lessons from a cool lady who came to our house in Dallas once a week. She was really awesome, and we dove into Spanish head first.

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