Éclairs and Italian Food…

Well, today was an excellent day!  I did 2 things today (yep, that’s it, but they were cool things):

#1:  I made my Éclairs – which I’ve been wanting to try here in Costa Rica.  I had to substitute a few ingredients, and I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out.  Plus I wanted to do a “trial run” (Greg LOVES when I do a trial run) before making them tomorrow for our friends Jim & Nancy (anniversary) and our friends Jeanie & Mark (welcome back treat!).

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Ah… the farmer’s market (FERIA)!

Finally – the day had arrived for us to visit and shop at the Feria (the local weekend farmer’s market).  When we were here the first week we only had time to pop in and pop back out.  The Feria is here in town on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.  IT IS FABULOUS.  They have rows and rows of fresh fruits, veggies, meat, organic coffee, bakery items, clothes, shoes, flowers – almost anything you want!  Plus a couple of places to eat lunch and have awesome fresh fruit smoothies.  YUM.  Of course, there’s little fruit/veggie stands everywhere around Grecia, but this is the “king of all farmer’s market’s” on the weekend which everyone waits for.  This time we went with our new friend Jim (lives by us) who has a car (woo hoo!).  He hadn’t been, and wanted us to “show him the ropes” (which is funny – someone wants US to show them around??).

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Picking fruit to eat from my own backyard – say what?

So the place we’re staying at has these gorgeous fruit trees all over the backyard, around the pool and beyond. They’re not only pretty – they actually have amazing fruit on them, and they taste good!  OMG, this is like paradise. There are mango, lime, lemon, mandarin orange & banana trees – that we know of.

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