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me and bookI’ve already told you guys I have some pretty awesome friends, right? Well, two of them threw me a BOOK SIGNING PARTY! How cool is that? I’m so lucky to have friends that even THINK of these things.

Here’s Marti and Irina – who hosted my party for me
(they are both so cute and petite, I just want to pick them up!):

party hosts

Check out my book signing table:

me me me

And my arm candy table (several people had requested I have it there, so OK, done!):


It was at Marti and Clint’s fabulous “party pad” of a house – I mean look at this place. It couldn’t be any more perfect for a party:

party pad

This lady is very special.  Linda and I met through my blog, and have been emailing for several months now (click here to look at her blog).  She had a trip scheduled to Costa Rica for November, and we had scheduled to meet.  Then when my book came out, and there was talk of a book signing party, she offered to “mule” in my paperbacks for me!  How amazing.  I’m truly lucky and so thankful for her:



And here’s her teenager son Ben (so tall and what a cutie!):

Before and during the party pictures:

before during
We estimated about 55 people total showed up – the house was rocking, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!


Here is Kevin (an author himself!) giving me tips and secrets of the trade:


Guys, guys, guys…. no fighting over my book!!


A mimosa toast towards the end of the party with the setting sun – happiness!

toastEven though a lot of you couldn’t be here (since you live in a different country and all), thanks for being with me in spirit!!  I love all you guys, and am so thankful to all of you who gave me a chance by reading my book.

Jen Seymour paperback release Nov. 2014

Ciao for now! — Jen

OH – PS – if you haven’t bought my book yet – CLICK HERE and do it now (you won’t regret it, I promise)!  Available in ebook and paperback.  🙂  

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15 Responses to Book Signing Party – Costa Rica Chica

  1. I’m glad you guys have found such a great bunch of friends in Grecia, but I’m not surprised as you are both such nice people. Pura Vida!

  2. Hola Costa Rica Chica bonita! Congrats on the book signing! You do have some awesome friends! They are giving your Texas amigos some stiff competition. I wish I could have been there. Miss you!

  3. Jen, it was a fabulous party. I was honored to bring your books and be a small part of such a compelling and wonderful story. Your friends are incredible, which is no surprise, having come to know you and Greg. The sun will continue to shine for you because it’s coming from within.

  4. Jenniferrrrrr….

    Rockin’that mini skirt, surrounded by admirers, at your own book signing,
    in the most beautiful paradise on earth, could it get ANY better? So
    happy for you chica, and wishing you more success with future writings —
    you got it, kid. Can’t wait to read the whole book! And congrats on
    graduating to real wine glasses from the plastic ones I use … I toast
    you! Carol of Quebradas

  5. Hola Jen, Wow!! Congratulations in your success!!!! You made it!!! beautiful pictures!! everything looks amazing there, what a view!! I wish could be there, but maybe someday!!! I wish you and your husband the best always and keep positive and enthusiastic like you are!!! So much to be thankful, you deserve it! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂
    PS Salud!!! with a glass of wine for your success!!

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