Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica

BECR Front cover finalThis is just a little shout out to my new pal, Shannon Enete, who lives on the western coast of Costa Rica.  She just wrote and published this new book Becoming an Expat:  Costa Rica.    If any of you are even thinking of making the move to Costa Rica – this is a MUST read for you.  It’s easy to read, instructive without getting boring or too bogged down with information, and interesting to boot.   The book also contains several external resources to help further your research.

It really covers all of the bits and pieces I could think of that Greg & I had to go through (or are still going through) – in becoming an Expat.  Plus it’s very informative about the culture and nuances of Costa Ricans.  I wish I would have had this book 2 years ago when I was beginning my research on Costa Rica!  This book does an excellent job of detailing most questions you will have, in making the decision whether Costa Rica is the right move for you.   It was for us.

Click HERE to purchase her book!

Click HERE to check out Shannon’s website.

Disclaimer:  I don’t get anything from doing this review, I just really liked the book, and highly recommend it!

That’s all folks!  Enjoy! — Jen

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  1. Hi Jen, love reading your blog. About the book; I’ve read that things change so frequently in CR that some of the information
    written in books like this can become obsolete pretty quickly.
    Do you feel that
    the information would remain accurate for at least the next 3-4 years?? (that is when we plan to make a move) Thanks for your

    • Hi Michel – I agree that lots of stuff changes in CR frequently. I would say that this book would still be helpful, though – it has a lot of insight into the Costa Rican ways of life, etc., and also provides lots of links for further information (that should remain for 3-4 years down the road). Thanks for reading my blog!

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