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  1. I would also like an the charm ankle bracelet with the sun charm. I go to Cozumel every year and this would be great.

    • Awesome Cindy, thanks for reading my blog! Good idea on meeting single men… being married, not really something I know about or seek out… Although a couple of my gringo friends date ticos – I’ll have to check with them where they met! 🙂

  2. Hi Jen, I am interested in purchases some of your wonderful arm candy, etc. for John’s family and of course Ashley (james’ love). I would like your assistance. Would you help me make some suggestions or can you make some specific to them with perhaps earings to match? Time is getting late for Xmas so I’ll start looking now on your website. Hope you are well, Very dark and rainy here. Not pretty, but I did see a 6 point buck just outside our front door yesterda! Barb

  3. Hello Jen,
    So happy I found this site – we are also considering a move to Costa Rica, but I have a question for you as a fellow author (noncompeting genre). Are you able to reply to me personally at my email so we can discuss? Many thanks, and congrats on making “the move” and writing a fantastic and I see VERY well-reviewed book!

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