Ah… the farmer’s market (FERIA)!

Finally – the day had arrived for us to visit and shop at the Feria (the local weekend farmer’s market).  When we were here the first week we only had time to pop in and pop back out.  The Feria is here in town on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.  IT IS FABULOUS.  They have rows and rows of fresh fruits, veggies, meat, organic coffee, bakery items, clothes, shoes, flowers – almost anything you want!  Plus a couple of places to eat lunch and have awesome fresh fruit smoothies.  YUM.  Of course, there’s little fruit/veggie stands everywhere around Grecia, but this is the “king of all farmer’s market’s” on the weekend which everyone waits for.  This time we went with our new friend Jim (lives by us) who has a car (woo hoo!).  He hadn’t been, and wanted us to “show him the ropes” (which is funny – someone wants US to show them around??).


We decided to have lunch first.  While sitting there contemplating the menu, a woman sitting nearby came over and asked us in English if we needed any help.  We thereby met Mary, a single woman, who has lived here 8 years(!) and loves it.  Originally from West Virginia.  We had a lovely chat with her, and met 2 of her friends who came to pick her up.  This happens here all the time – this is how you meet friendly Gringo’s (gringo is a non costa rican person, or an expat – short for expatriate).  It’s so cool!  I asked her for her email (as we talked about looking for a house, and she was going to let us know if she heard anything) and she was SO excited to hand out her new “business card”, which she just had printed up.  Anyway, I ended up ordering  Arroz Con Pollo (Spanish rice with shredded chicken) with a mixed fruit drink (was fabulous, and way too much food, next time Greg & I are splitting this):


Arroz con pollo and mixed fruit drink (my fav)!

We then ventured amongst the rows… first hitting up a fabulous baker we had heard about “Buen Pan, Tomas”.  And um, YES, he is fabulous!  One thing I need to mention here, is that the Costa Rican breads are not like American breads…  they seem to be dry, and lacking flavor and consistency – they taste more just like plain, simple, well… cardboard, actually.  Just kinda blah.  Anyway – this guy Tomas, I’m not sure where he’s from, but he knows how to BAKE!  We bought a fabulous skinny French loaf, and he gave us a taste of his special heirloom lemon cake (it was delish!).  Next time I will try the whole wheat sour dough (it looked muy bueno, and I LOVE sour dough!).  Good thing he’s only there on Fridays & Saturdays….

Another interesting thing here – people don’t “yell” at you as you walk by their stands, or constantly try to sell you stuff.  It’s very calm and peaceful and if you look interested in their stuff, then they come over and help you.  It’s very nice!  Here’s some pic’s of stands along the way.




That’s – 4 pineapples for $2 folks(!) (1,000 colones)



Here’s what we ended up buying (and I’ve translated the colones to dollars for you):

2 heads of organic lettuce ($1.20)

1 bag of blackberries ($1.60)

2 pineapples (2 for $1)

5 avocados (5 for $2)

1 bag of tiny potatoes ($1.60)

1 loaf of French bread ($1.60)

Total:  $9.00


Till next time peeps!

Peace out! — JenJen

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