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Sometimes life takes turns you can in no way anticipate…  and you just have to go with the flow and do the darn best you can at the time.  That’s what happened to us…  after years of planning our HUGE move from Dallas, TX to Costa Rica, the day had finally arrived.  Monday, June 17th, 2013 we departed with our 9 pieces of luggage in tow; and after 3 different flight delays, finally made it to Costa Rica by early, early morning the next day.  We had arrived!  We were ready to start our new life!

Then 3 days later, Greg’s dad passed away.  Our world shifted.  We KNEW Richard was in bad health, and this could happen at any moment, but he’d been home from his long hospital stay (heart attack, diabetes, kidney failure) for 3 months now, and was seemingly “back in the flow of things”.  Although, when we really thought about it, he did NOT have his strength back (in fact, he was worn out by very small things – both emotionally and physically), and the 4-times-a-week trips to dialysis was really taking their toll on him.  In hindsight, I truly believe he felt GOOD about his family, and he was just “ok to go”.  He had an AWESOME Father’s Day, where the WHOLE family was with him.  His daughter Misty and her family (total of 9.  Repeat:  9) had just moved back to Dallas from a 6-month mission trip in Hawaii.  Greg & I had just LIVED with his folks for 2 weeks before moving to Costa Rica.  His son Michael & Jenni & family and son Marty & Kim & family were there with all of us for Father’s Day (weekend before he passed).  So, all in all – he had seen all his family, and was feeling good with everyone…   He was just too weak (heart-wise and physically) to continue any longer.  And I’m ok with that.  I had an extremely good relationship with him, which I feel I need to point out, because after all – I’m his DAUGHTER IN LAW.  You never HEAR about people just LOVING their in-laws.  Well, I did (I do –  both Richard and Shirley!).  He was truly an awesome man.  And he loved me and loved talking and emailing with me.  He loved that his son married me.  You can’t get much better than that, folks.  I had sent him a long email the day before he died (boring, to me, but outlined our day and all we had done), as I knew he loved getting emails from me.  He had responded to me 35 MINUTES before he passed away the next morning and told me he loved hearing my stories and all about our day.  Again, you can’t get much better than that.  What an awesome parting gift to me.

dad no. 2

Me and my Dad #2 – in the rehab hospital Jan., 2013


Greg and his Dad – Father’s Day 2013

So – after one week of being here in Costa Rica – we flew back to Dallas and spent 2 weeks with Greg’s Mom and family, helping where we could (or in my case, just kinda hanging out, trying to help where I could, but mainly it was Greg being there for his Mom I was most proud of).  We got to spend some really good time there, and also live with Misty and her family (again – 7 kids, 2 parents – which was a total blast!).  Also, of course, got to attend the memorial service, which was the BEST service I’d ever been to – so upbeat with good stories and funny(!) memories spoken of him by many people.  Was amazing.  An awesome and deserving tribute to my Dad #2 (as I called him, he gave this name to himself after my dad died, as he knew he couldn’t replace my dad, but wanted to be a “2nd Dad” to me, which was so incredibly sweet).

We are back in Costa Rica now…  and getting “settled in again” – for the 2nd time.  Don’t really feel like we got settled the first time.  We are living in a great place, but looking for a more permanent place to stay (with a 2nd bedroom for guests – hint-hint to our Mom’s!).  Hopefully we’ll find something by the time we leave for our border run (mid-September).  So – we have time…  Right?

Here’s a couple pic’s from being in Dallas with Greg’s Mom and Misty & Brady and their 7 kiddo’s (my beloved nieces and nephews) that we got to live with for 2 weeks.


Greg & Jen with Mom (Shirley) and the Misty & Brady “clan”…


Greg, Jen & Mom (Shirley) – out for dinner one night…

That’s all for now, folks!

Peace out – JenJen

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  1. What a lovely post! Made me cry but I am so glad that you shared this wonderful story with us. I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A lovely tribute Jen I look forward to your posts. Happy to hear that you are beginning to settle in for a second time :). Take care!

  3. That was a lovely post. I am so glad that Greg found such a wonderful woman to spend his life with. Hopefully one day we will be able to meet! Greg’s cousin Sherri

  4. I know we’ve not met. But my husband Marty has known and loved the Seymour family for almost his entire life. It was our intention to go the Celebration Service but unfortunately my Marty has been very ill for a long time and it wasn’t possible. This post is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I know Marty is very fond of your entire family and the passion you have for your “in-Laws” is evident proof of the love that this family pours out onto others. I truly wish you and yours and all the family the very best and most meaningful blessings in life.

    • Roxane, I’ve heard of you and Marty spoken of often by the Seymour family! I’m sorry to hear that Marty is so ill. Thank you for your kind comments about my post and feelings about the Seymour family. 🙂

  5. Jenn…
    What a great tribute to Richard!! You were blessed to be his daughter as he was blessed to be dad#2.

  6. what a great man who will never be forgotten,with his morning yell of boy do i feel great to why are you not working, will always be there. God bless Richard

  7. I clicked your story from somewhere because it was about CR. As I read with great interest, I knew there was something familiar about your husband. It finally clicked when I saw Richards picture. I knew him many moons ago when I went to South Houston… Love the Costa Rica reports and will stay tuned! I may be there some day as well.

    • H. Shipes – hello! That’s amazing you knew Richard way back when, how cool! Greg certainly does favor him (especially Richard’s younger pictures). 🙂

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