Life Outside the Cubicle

“What do you do all day?” I get this question a lot. And while exactly what I do changes each day, I was amazed by my new “normal” the other day.

4 years ago, I never would have thought I would be spending my day formatting and publishing my 3rd book and working on 7 arm candy orders. All while drinking Costa Rican coffee with parrots squawking in the background and with the lovely view of my husband working across the table from me (instead of a grey cubicle wall!).

This is now a very typical day for me. Kinda crazy. But also – the best. I love my life.

My 3rd book (3rd!!) is now published and available on amazon!  I’m sooooo incredibly proud of this book!  You can check it out here:  LIFE OUTSIDE THE CUBICLE – Conversations with People Living Outside the Box.

Look at this beautiful cover my artist friend Nick did for me:FINAL Book_Cover_RBG

What’s my book about? Well…  it’s about working and living outside of the box. Besides telling you my story, I also feature 8 different sets of people who are all doing crazy, wonderful things with their lives.  OK – not that crazy, but definitely not your ordinary corporate-America type jobs. How would you like it if your job allowed you to live in multiple countries throughout the world? Or to travel throughout Costa Rica, writing about all the experiences you had, and making a living at it too? Or to live and work in Germany, and experience all the culture of the capital city? Or to live in the U.S. and pursue a passion that has enabled you to pay the bills, but also to meet and write about fascinating people?

So – if  you’re thinking of changing your job, or shaking up your life in some manner – this book is for you!  Give it a go.  And then let me know what you think.  Also the ebook is just $2.99!

Paperback will be out soon.  Cheers and Pura Vida! — Jen4 

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14 Responses to Life Outside the Cubicle

  1. Jen, I bought your newest book the day it came out and started it but other things stopped me from reading it then. Last night I started reading and wanted to continue… I have tired eyes but it was worth it. You are a great writer and I loverd the stories from the other people who are living Outside the Cubicle. I also know I will enjoy your next book…. Whatever the topic.

  2. Hi Jen, so nice to see you, you look wonderful! Once again congrats on your new and third book.i think you sharing your story helps others see that making what is a difficult change is entirely possible. And you don’t “do nothing” instead you do meaningful work for your mind and body in a place that is also beautiful and relaxing. Then having the love of your life share in all of that just makes perfect even better ❤️ Pura Vida indeed!

    • Thank you so much, Irma! I sure hope my story helps others who want to do something similar. Thank you for your kind words! Your comments always lift me up! — Jen xo

  3. Just purchased your book Jen…there is a good Wisconsin thunderstorm going on so I thought -its a perfect time to read…then I got your email announcing your new book. Coincidence? I think Not! well, enough typing-time to go read!
    thanks ahead of time….as I know I am going to enjoy it!
    Badger Mom

  4. I just ordered your new book and my husband & I will read it before our June 19 – July 8 trip to Costa Rica. We read your first book and also Greg’s book and loved them both. I wrote a review and will do so again after reading your new book.

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