Expat Extra – THE MIKES

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Please welcome Mike and Michael, otherwise known as “The Mikes”, to my Expat Extra series. Originally from Dallas, they now call Costa Rica home, and have been here for 2 years.

These guys are amazing – they bought a dilapidated old B&B property with a river running through it (seriously), and are in the process of totally revamping it into the coolest house and farm, which they have named “San Miguel del Rio Oro”.

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Christmas 2015

santa II

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and spent time with family and loved ones.

For me, there’s no better way to spend Christmas than with the one I love, having a Christmas movie marathon, while eating tasty treats! We watched 7 movies over 2 days. We even got a small 3-mile hike in on Christmas morning, which was lovely (and much needed after all the treats we’d been eating the day before).

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Yep, that’s us with our 9 suitcases in the driveway of Greg’s folks house in Dallas, right before we headed out to the airport to fly to Costa Rica on June 17, 2013.

So, what exactly did we pack in those 9 suitcases?  Well, I’m here to tell you.  This has actually been requested of me several times, and I just finally got around to doing it (thanks Dee Dee for your nudge the other day!)  Although I did an earlier form of this list in the back of my book Costa Rica Chica, this post will be more detailed and itemized.

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Expat Extra – Lori and Kurt H.

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Hello friends, and welcome to another Expat Extra!  Today I am interviewing Lori about her and her husband Kurt’s life in Jacó, Costa Rica.  

Lori and I were “internet friends” forever, it seemed, when we finally got to meet in person a few weeks ago, when she and group of girls from Jacó came to visit Grecia. We had tons of fun that day –  I showed them around Grecia, we got filmed for a commercial (right place at the right time), we got caught in the rain (was still rainy season), and finished the day off at my house with some sweets and a foggy view. 

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