Expat Extra – Beverly Kronquest


Hello friends!  Welcome to another Expat Extra, today I am featuring the lovely Ms. Beverly Kronquest.  

Beverly is a lady of sophistication and down-to-earth goodness.  She has a beautiful heart, a genuine smile, and is one of those people who can talk to anyone.  Every time I see her, I go away feeling happy and good about myself (she is a genuine, giving and rare type of woman).

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ladder II collage

Here’s a few things in Costa Rica that may at first be confusing or surprising to Expats/Gringos:

Various uses of ladders without a second thought (Costa Rica is not a litigious country):

Signs as a whole are not prevalent in Costa Rica, but when you do see them, there may be some confusion:

This bridge is heavily traveled every day, and has a sign on either side of it telling you basically that the bridge is in very bad condition.  But, interestingly enough, not preventing you from crossing it – so basically it means “go over this bridge at your own risk”:

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Expat Extra – Samantha Wei

Sam Cover

Hello friends and Happy Monday to you all!  I’m very excited about today’s Expat Extra, featuring  Samantha Wei.  

We first met Samantha and her boyfriend Yeison (pronounced “Jason”) through the online/social media/blogging world and then we got to meet them in person when we visited the Guanacaste area while they lived in Playas del Coco. We liked them immediately upon meeting them.  They are laid back, sweet, interesting, smart and kind.  They have the best blog and website (MyTanFeet.com), and I’m so proud of them with how they’ve grown it and make a living on it (although I am NOT envious of their working hours!).

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Expat Extra – Debbie Rudd


Hello everyone, and welcome to another Expat Extra. Today’s post features Debbie Rudd, who lives in Grecia.

I really admire Debbie – because she retired and moved to Costa Rica all by herself! Since landing here, she has really immersed herself in the Tico culture and loves all things Costa Rica.

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