Greg Seymour, AUTHOR

greg book cover

Well, since I can’t really write a review on Amazon for my hubby’s book, that would look kinda weird (and subjective)… I’ll do a blog post instead!

Greg is now an author, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. When he first came up with the idea to write a guidebook on tips for visiting or living in Costa Rica, I thought it was a great idea. Once he started writing it, I soon discovered it was a better and better idea. This was THE BOOK we were always looking for before we moved here, but could never find!

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A hot-sauce taste testing!  Something you might be very interested in if you live here (or are visiting), as Costa Rican food tends to be more on the bland side.  Luckily, hot sauce goes with gallo pinto very nicely.

DISCLAIMER: These hot sauces were all taste-tested by Mr. Greg Seymour, who has a very high tolerance for spiciness. When I taste a hot sauce that sets my mouth on fire and my eyes-a-watering, Greg tastes it and says “Huh?  Where’s the fire?  This isn’t hot at all!”  So – you have been warned. These hot sauces are spicy – even the mildest one shown here is pretty spicy – for me, at least.  There are SEVERAL other hot sauces available here in Costa Rica, this is just a small sampling of some of the spicier ones.

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A new dentist visit – in Escazú


The other day we had the opportunity to visit a new dentist in Guachipelin, Escazú, Costa Rica.  I had an appointment for a teeth cleaning, and Greg was scheduled for a cleaning and a teeth whitening.  I’m not too easily impressed these days, but Dr. Oriana González impressed me.

Here is Dr. González (in white) with her assistant:

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A little history lesson

While having coffee the other week, we had an interesting conversation with our friend Wilson (who grew up here) and a Tico gentlemen sitting next to us (whom we didn’t know, but everyone is so friendly here, he just jumped in the conversation too). I’m always asking questions and wanting to understand things. So, this is what I found out for a little bit of Costa Rican history.

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