Hiking for FUN

Greg & I had been wanting to get back to hiking ever since he got rid of his cold (he had lots of lingering coughing, so it had been WEEKS since we had last hiked together!). So we had planned on this morning, finally.

We were dressed and ready, water bottle chilling with ice in the freezer, when it start drizzling outside. Oh no. We’re transitioning out of rainy season right now, but we had some hard all-night rains just a couple of nights ago – so you never know – it could start pouring at any moment.  But we decided to go for it. Sun was out, with a few clouds, and it was still lightly misting, but we figured we wouldn’t melt.

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Book Signing Party – Costa Rica Chica

me and book

I’ve already told you guys I have some pretty awesome friends, right? Well, two of them threw me a BOOK SIGNING PARTY! How cool is that? I’m so lucky to have friends that even THINK of these things.

Here’s Marti and Irina – who hosted my party for me
(they are both so cute and petite, I just want to pick them up!):

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Paperback is out!

Hello my blogger readers!  Just a quick note to tell you that the PAPERBACK VERSION of my book
“Costa Rica Chica” is now out and available!!!

Click here to check it out on amazon.

Also, I am doing a special offer right now for a free signed bookplate.  A bookplate is a large personalized sticker, that I will personally sign for you, send to you, and you can attach to the inside of your book!
(Note: you still need to order the book yourself.)

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