Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens


When my Mom was here visiting, we did a day trip to Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens one day.  First thing in the morning, we headed out to Poas (got there about 9 am) – and WOW – it was a perfect morning!   Absolutely crystal clear sky – I mean, seriously – not ONE CLOUD in the sky.  I think Mom was our lucky charm.  Wilson, our driver/friend of Coati Tours said he’s been to Poas over 600 times, and the day with us was the MOST CLEAR, perfect-visibility-day he’s ever seen at Poas!

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Toucan Rescue Ranch

As you all know by now, my awesome Mom was here visiting us the last week of January (if you missed it, click here).

The favorite tour we did when Mom was here, was our visit to the Toucan Rescue Ranch.

What an amazing place!  All of the animals are rescue animals (as the name implies).  Leslie – the owner and animal guru herself – was there to greet us, and was our personal tour guide.  Leslie is incredible.  Down to earth, very well spoken, open to questions – you can tell she just loves what she does.  And she doesn’t just have toucans – which made me giddy.   I mean I like birds and all, but…  well, you can’t really cuddle with a toucan.

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Britt Coffee Tour (vs. Espiritu Santo)

When my Mom was here we went on two different day trips with our driver/friend Wilson of Coati Tours.  This post is about our trip to the Britt Coffee Tour.

When Greg’s Mom Shirley was here last November, we had gone to the Espirtu Santo Naranjo Coffee Tour.  There was a stark difference between these two tours.  I will denote the comparisons here:

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Momma Beck Visit!!

My sweet Momma came and visited us!  All the way from Wisconsin!  She had been to Costa Rica once before – in early 2012 she was with us on our due diligence trip, so she had been a part of our decision process from early on.  For her, it was great to visit us this time and see where we lived, friends we’ve made, and how we live our daily lives here.  She was constantly awed by the natural beauty of Costa Rica and inquisitive about everything – the plants, flowers, birds, trees, people and customs.  I must say, it is so fun to have someone who is so thrilled by her surroundings (future visitors, please keep this in mind!  We don’t take on unenthused or unappreciative people for boarders!).

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