Opening a Costa Rican bank account in 5 easy visits


Our very first visit to San Jose was to meet our attorney.  We handed over all our paper work, lots of money, and he initiated our rentista residency process (see my first post about this, which describes the “rentista residency” vs. the residency people do when they are of OTHER retirement age and receive social security). All went well, and he told us he’d call us once we received our “folio numbers” – which would enable us to come back and get finger printed and set up a bank account.  Our attorney also mentioned that he had 15 years of experience working with Banco National, and we would have no problem opening an account to satisfy the rentista requirements.

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The story of 19-year-old us – Part II


Well, suffice it to say, I was pretty upset that Greg stood me up for our first official date!  More upset than I thought I’d be, actually.

Greg’s story?  Our date happened to be scheduled for the July 4th holiday, and earlier that day when Greg realized this, he wanted to confirm we were still on for that evening. When he called, and I wasn’t home to answer my phone (these were the days before mobile phones and even caller-ID on regular phones) – he freaked out, didn’t leave a message, and somehow convinced himself that I had forgotten our “date.”  He never tried calling later that night, either.

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The story of 19-year-old us

Today is our 19th (NINETEENTH!!) wedding anniversary.  We’ve been married for 19 full years.  Amazing.  Sounds like a long time, huh?  Here’s what 19 years of us looks like:


The story of us?  Well, obviously, you all know that Greg and I got married….  But what you may not know, is that we almost didn’t happen at all.

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How I get my morning cup of joe

It’s coffee picking season here in Costa Rica!  Coffee is one of Costa Rica’s main exports – 90% of Costa Rica’s coffee is exported.  This time of year, which is the dry season (otherwise known as “summer”), you will start seeing trucks full of coffee pickers on the roads going up the mountain ridges – very early in the morning (before I’m up) and back down in late afternoon.  When Greg & I hike, we can tell it’s coffee picking season, as all the coffee plants have bright red, glossy “cherries” on them – and this is the perfect time for them to be picked.

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Nine Non New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, this time of year – I get tired of hearing everyone’s “new year resolutions” and having people ask me what mine are.  Why?  Because if you ask almost ANYONE what their resolutions were last year at this time – they wouldn’t be able to answer you!   Resolutions seem to be a high priority at the end of December and throughout January, but then….  are quickly forgotten (OK – not everyone…  I know I have a few friends out there that are the exception to this rule).   I feel this is something people love to talk about, and yes – have good intentions (which are always good, don’t get me wrong).  But how many people really carry through with them – for the whole year?

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